A recent article on fear and faith

Today, I am posting an article on fear and faith that I read recently and found useful, and I’ll have my commentary at the end to show how this fits in with the Garden of Eden Process.

How Love, Fear, Faith and Understanding Work Together,
Article written by David Cameron, CEO ImagesOfOne.com.

People often ask, “How do I get rid of my fears?” It is
either that or something similar to that. Fortunately, the
answer is very simple. Once you get into the answer,
everything becomes very simple, and fear lets go just like
that! Let us have a look now…

We will start by looking at these four things and their

Love comes from within. The opposite of love is no love.
Often, people have said that the opposite of love is fear,
and in an abstract way that is correct. It is correct
because, generally, you tend to have either one or the
other. When fear is absent, you feel the love that is always
there. When fear comes in, you are blinded from the love.
But, upon closer observation, you will notice that you can
have both emotions running over the same thing. So in a
direct sense, the opposite of love is no love. Love is
acceptance, so the opposite of love can also be called non-

Fear, as we have seen, is a separate emotion. Fear is false
evidence appearing real. You fear because you doubt your
capability to handle something or create a successful
outcome. Otherwise you would not fear if you did not doubt
your ability not to be touched by that which you fear. In
truth, there is nothing to fear. It may not be evident now
why this is so, or it may be. Either way, you will see it
soon. There is nothing to fear. Anyway, fear is what blocks
your feeling of love within, and with that it takes your
power away simply because power is vested in love. Force is
vested in fear and sometimes force looks like power, but it
isn’t even close in comparison and lasting effect. So now we
know that fear is what obscures love and power. The question
then remains, what gets rid of fear or what allows fear?
Well, what is the opposite of fear? It is no fear. No fear
is the opposite of fear. How do you get to no fear?

Fear comes in when faith is not there. Faith is more than
believing. Faith is closer to knowing than to believing.
When you know, you know. Its like when you go to pick up a
glass of water and drink it, you don’t doubt you will
manage. You just drink knowing it works. That is knowing. A
slight step behind knowing is faith. When you have faith,
you pretty much know you are fine, one way or another,
despite appearances to the contrary. When you have no faith,
you get fear. And that is the key to removing fear, having
faith. So how do you have faith?

With understanding. Understanding ensures faith, simply
because you know how things work. Think of a time you felt
confused and incapable because you missed the information,
and then when you got the information and understanding, you
had peace and you knew you could just easily do what you had
previously feared. Understanding of how life works, How Life
Works, is the key. Take a look under the hood of life, into
the Machinery behind Life, and with that new immense
understanding you will have automatic faith. It is a loop.
You have faith because you know how it works, and so you
have faith that it works.

And as a bonus to understanding, you have peace within
yourself and with others.

And so the first step to all these things, to having faith,
eliminating doubt and fear, to having peace, is all in
getting an understanding. Not just any understanding. Things
are in layers. There is a layer that is the foundation, a
causative layer, and a layer that is the superficial, the
effect layer that is built on the foundation. The
understanding of the causal layer is one we are talking
about here. Fortunately, there is much available to us
nowadays in terms of high-level wisdom and insights. Seek
them and understand, if you wish to have the key out of the
box. You may also have a look at the book What If You Knew
The Answer To and the Reason For Everything In Your Life
which is available at www.imagesofone.com and looks into the
completeness of the understanding we are talking about here.
I wish you success and wellbeing.
David Cameron, CEO ImagesOfOne.com

To link what David Cameron writes to our Garden of Eden process, in order to move forward, deliberately, one day at a time to become and do what the Creator intended, you have to have the faith that you can indeed become who he intends for you to become and do what he has purposed for you to do.

This faith is built as you increase your understanding of the Creator, his principles that He has provided to guide you and his destiny for your life.

As you understand that the Creator always provides enough to allow you to become all he intended, your fear of lack will cease. As you understand that the Creator is in command of the entire universe, the earth and all that is taking place, your fear of the future will diminish. As you understand how the Creator has made you unique and special for a definite purpose and has surrounded you with people to support you, your fear of being incapable will end.

But key is to understand that the God, the Creator, has placed you on his planet and is with you to enable you to accomplish this life with success and joy.

Obama’s ascendancy was not easy.

Many people have looked at US President-Elect, Barack Obama, and said he is the man for this time. When you consider the history of race relations in the United States, and the image of the US around the world, and Obama’s amazing support around the globe, he certainly can be considered the right man for the the job of US President in 2008.

But just as this may be Obama’s purpose and destiny, so too each of us has a purpose and a destiny and the pathway may not be easy, clear or fun all the time. Obama did not have a perfect past. We were classmates at Harvard from 1988-1991. Back then he seemed just like everyone else, though a bit more mature and thoughtful than many in our class. But now that we know more about his background, we can all see it was not ideal.

But everything he encountered in his life made him into the man he is today so that he can be ready to lead the greatest democratic country in the world. It is amazing when you think of all the pieces in his life coming together.

And what about your life? Maybe right now you cannot clearly see how all the pieces and shapes fit together. Maybe now, you are at a low point when you do not see any Oval Office kind of light at the end of the tunnel. Well, you can’t give up, and throw in the towel.

Remember in the Garden of Eden process we see night time and day time. Night is the time for reflection – to understand what you are going through and to eliminate what is unnecessary, what is a hindrance and what is detrimental to your fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. A complete day is night time followed by day time. Night will not last forever. You have the assurance that there will be sunlight; illumination, brightness and energy when the night time is past. So keep pushing through and always ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction as you use the night time experience to make your next day even more focused and fruitful for him.

You may have an idea of what your end-product will be. Unlikely when Obama was going through his formative years, he saw himself in the Oval Office. But this is what God intended. You may have an idea, an inkling of what your end-product may be. But since we do not have perfect future sight, we can only see a shadow of the great things God may have ordained for our life. Therefore, do not cut the process short or allow despondency to take over. Keep focused on the end, and the pathway become a bit easier to follow.

Is it dark and dreary in your life now.

Has this economic and financial climate thrown you off your pathway? Were things going well for you, and then suddenly the rug was pulled from under you? Perhaps your retirement savings held in the stockmarket has suddenly dwindled to mere pennies. Or maybe your were laid off or lost your job or circle of clients.

Now is not a very uplifting time for many around the world as the decline in stock markets, and the financial sectors take their toll.

What does it mean for you? If you are unsure of what next to do, or if things seem quite dark and dreary, welcome to the earth that God existed in before he created the earth we know today.

While I do not say that God was faced with uncertainty or disappointments, it is clear that the earth he saw was not the way he wanted or desired it to be. This is the premise in the book that you can embrace to help you Create Your Own Garden of Eden and Change your world.

If you feel down and you need to make a major change in your life, follow God’s pattern. It’s been around for thousands and thousands of years. If it worked for God, then it can certainly work for you.

The book lays out the Seven main steps that mirror the creative work God did on the Seven days of Creation: six days of activity and one day of rest.

Purchase the ebook or visit Amazon to buy the hard copy and start today to take charge of your life by following the process God used.

And do send me your feedback, if after reading you were able to make some changes in your life. I’d love to hear from you at [email protected]

Start in your neighborhood

Whatever you are seeking to create in your life, here’s something I learned today. Start with your neighbors in your community. If you’re looking to launch a business, publish a book, enlist support for a project, or adopt a hobby, and you need partners, support or just advice, don’t dismiss your neighbors.

Remember a lesson from the creation of the human – man and woman – on Day 6, is that God was concerned about a community from the beginning. His command to them was to be fruitful and multiply. And so, in unfolding your purpose in life, you must consider the aspects of your life that can affect, impact and benefit others. Do not be a loner, but seek to connect with others around you or who may come into your path.

Last evening I visited my neighbor for an after work get to together for a friend. And she told me about a health fair a local church was having the following day. So I went along with her to promote the book and share it with those who came to the fair.

A health fair is all about people looking to take care of their physical bodies, and Create Your Garden of Eden is all about people taking care of their overall life. So I was glad for the chance to share with this audience.

And there I sold a book and met the owners of a local bookstore who will shortly carry my book in their self-help, inspirational niche.

But if i had not ventured into the community, both to celebrate a departure with my neighbor, and then to the church for a health fair, I would not have made these connections.

So start where you are. Yes, you must have the grand plans and dream and think big. But you never know who in your immediate neighborhood can really help you, if you will only ask.

So this week, make a deliberate effort to find out who is in your community; what groups, clubs, projects exist. Talk with the waiter in your restaurant, or the person at the table next to you in the coffee shop. Visit the local bookstore or library and meet the other bibliophiles. You never know where the next stepping stone to your eventual master creation will emerge.

Keep an open mind, a positive attitude and a friendly heart.

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