I often wonder why it seems so much easier for some people to focus on the negative than on the positive. If there are five news stories in the headlines, most will be negative. Folks are always keen on sharing their unhappy thoughts and experiences, whether it is about the mundane -traffic, weather, the dog, or about the major global issues of security, the internet or crime. Are we coded to focus on the negative, or has this developed due to our access to 24/7 information from all around the world? I’ll have to do some more research into this; but suffice to say, to create the life we desire, we have to focus on the positive and dismiss the negative. And we have to take deliberate action to maintain this focus. If we look at our model creator, we see absolutely no mention of the negative. The first introduction to the Earth is a description that seems quite dismal, which could give rise to a negative outlook. But there was no mention of anything negative. In fact, immediately, we are introduced to the Creator, he starts to bring the positive out of what appeared negative and bleak. Every dark situation has light within it; you simply have to believe it is there to be revealed, pray and enlist the help of the Holy Spirit, declare the positive outcome you seek and walk confidently with the assurance the light will emerge. This is what we see in the Day One of the Create Your Garden of Eden process. God called the Light forth out of the darkness and the Light appeared. Often to see the Light in the midst of what looks like total darkness requires a deliberate mindset, a determined focus to have Light and a rejection of anything negative that reinforces the darkness. If you are in a job search that seem to be dark without an end in sight, declare that you shall be employed as the “Light” in your situation. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for the direct actions you need to take for the Light to be revealed. Believe and listen carefully and quietly, while focusing on some positive aspect. Perhaps your career choices are being narrowed and unprofitable pursuits are being eliminated. Perhaps you now understand the importance of exercise or the importance of being pleasant to those going through a bad situation. Perhaps you realize that taking care of your family is more important than a fancy company title. These are all positive outcomes to what seems to be total darkness. Choose to think on the positives of the situation, declare and pray for the Light and look forward expectantly to the Light shining. *be sure to use the CreateYourGOE Workbook to develop a workable plan for you to achieve your goals, whether it is to seek a new job or career or pursue some other goal.