Create with Company

As you pursue your goals or embark on a new project, it can be a bit overwhelming or exhausting at times, while also exhilarating and stimulating at other times. Nothing compares to having someone to connect with at those times.

The process of Creating Your Garden of Eden does incorporate identifying resources who can assist in the process, such as as a sounding board, coach or mentor, or as a provider of support for a particular activity.

Beyond just having these external resources, it is also wonderful to create within a community of friends who can provide emotional support along the journey. Finding, nurturing and embracing such a community does not always come easy to all.

However, we are social beings. We were created to be part of social groups, families, communities and tribes. Yes, the Creator himself said it was not good for man to dwell alone.

Today, let me encourage you to take a look at the support groups you have in your life; support groups which can help you on your path to create a masterpiece on this earth and reflect all that the Creator intended for you.

Three key points about this community of support must be noted. First, there must be shared values. One of the first assignments in the CreateYourGOE process is to identify the key values that are important to you to guide you in assessing each forward step. Use these same values to select and identify friends and groups who can be your partners on the journey. If there are no shared values, they may not understand your decisions and choices and may turn out to be hindrances.

Secondly, your support group (or your posse or tribe, as some like to say) must also be purpose driven. If you are looking to build, you need to have others who are also building and going somewhere in their life. And do not be hesitant to ask about their goals and dreams. If they are not moving forward, you can still continue to be their friend or colleague, but do not expect them to be part of your inner circle of support.

And finally, your support group must be those who push you forward and challenge you to dream and aspire for bold things in creating your Masterpiece on the earth. You should feel inspired and energized being around this group or community. The conversations should open your mind to new possibilities and options. The atmosphere should be uplifting and positive, not negative and full of doubt.

Your path to fulfill your destiny will be with its challenges. Be sure to proactively prepare yourself by having persons around you who can help you on this journey.