We all aspire to be free where we can live without externally imposed restrictions and limitations. True freedom means different things to different persons. As we implement the steps of the Create Your GOE lifestyle, in essence, we are all embarking on a journey to a place of true freedom.

Let me explain more.

Is freedom the ability to travel around the world without being tied down in one location? For some, this geographic flexibility or nomadic lifestyle means they are not beholden to an employer or a fixed job, home or country. There have no ties and this gives them a sense of being in control of their life; they are free to go where they wish. This makes them feel totally free.

For others, freedom means they can spend their time on the causes and issues that interest them the most, even though they are tied to one location. They have the freedom to use their time as they wish. They may have a full time job or may have retired comfortably so they can now do what they wish with their time; pursue an activity such as gardening, photography or writing. Or, they can spend more time with their grand kids, or traveling, coaching others or volunteering in an organization.

Freedom is all about financial freedom for others. Perhaps their income is from so-called ‘passive’ sources so they do not have to work in a regular 9 -5 job. They earn money from rental property, dividends or interest from stocks and bonds, royalty income or some other form of payout that happens without them lifting a finger of heavy work. They are financially free because their lifestyle is not dependent on their income from a job. This freedom is the goal espoused by many financial advisors, and a good goal it is.

In the Create Your GOE lifestyle, we are focused on identifying your purpose or reason for living, and creating a life that allows you to express this lifestyle through a Masterpiece in your defined Garden of Eden.

True freedom, here, then, is the ability to live a life that allows you to express your God-given purpose so that each day can be branded as “very good.”

When you have identified your special purpose for your life or for an important area that requires attention (health, finances, spiritual, family, etc), you know that you are living for the reason that you are on the earth. This recognition and knowledge frees you to be your true self and live your life in a way that no one else can, because each person is unique.

But it is not enough to have clarity about your Purpose. You need to be moving toward expressing that purpose intentionally each day. And this can not be done in an ad hoc or willy nilly way. You need a system and a process. This is what we see in the original creation of the earth and the first Garden of Eden. The Creator had a process and he was moving forward each day. There was true freedom in going through this process.

When the Masterpiece was completed and placed in the ideal environment, there was also total freedom in his position. This was not because there was no limitation or accountability in the Garden of Eden, because there was. The Creator created the environment that was needed and defined the boundaries for his Masterpiece. And the Masterpiece, man, had a job to do. The Garden of Eden was not a paradise vacation destination. There was an assignment.

What can be as freeing as knowing that you are indeed doing what you were created to do? This is not being tied down, but being free to soar to the heights that are possible with the Creator. And his plans for you are always good and great, and way beyond what we think is possible. So there is no sense of being tethered to a small stake.

Let this be your freedom goal then: creating a life that is uniquely yours, where all your talents and gifts are expressed with a sense of purpose and where you are following a pattern and process specifically aimed at causing your best to emerge. Even if you have an external geographic, financial or time boundary, nothing cannot affect your internal sense of freedom when in this state.