I once read advice on exercise that said: If you can’t do the full workout, just do 50 sit-ups and push-ups instead. The writer was encouraging us to make a small step on those days when we can’t seem to get the big steps done.

I’ve embraced this advice; in the specific context of exercise, I absolutely do sit-ups and push-ups when it may be too late, or I’m too tired for the full 45 minute workout. Some days I read one verse and not the entire chapter.

Here’s the main benefit; you don’t feel guilty about not making any progress or about falling off your plan. Secondary benefits are: you make actual progress and move forward in our plan. In addition, you keep your momentum going.

Applying this to the Create Your Garden of Eden process, I often start writing later in the day than I had planned. Or I cross off one item on my to-do list, and not the entire day’s actions.

As you seek to develop your masterpiece in the Earth following the steps in our formula, keep this half-step proviso in mind. And you should note that on some days the Creator created very little and on some days he created much.

For example, Day Two we see the creation of the heaven boundary; the dividing line that reinforces there is more to life than what we see in the natural and a reminder that what we create should be compared against the ideal of our ‘heaven.’

And then on Day Five, he creates the fishes and the birds followed by all other living species on Day Six, culminating in the creation of the human. Who knows why the Creator chose the specific elements for specific days? Who knows why Day Two was a simple act?

Let this be certain: small steps can take us where we need to go. If you can’t take a big step today, or devote 4 hours to creating your Garden of Eden, then take a small step and spend 30, or even 15 minutes focused on completing one necessary item. And congratulate yourself; Every small step helps to move us forward.