This week, those in the US celebrated a national holiday of Thanksgiving. This holiday was initially in gratitude to God for a bountiful harvest season and for the blessings of safety and good health. With pumpkins and turkeys fully available during the fall season, these became hallmark foods for the celebration. However, like so many festivals and holiday traditions, time has blurred the original intent and now, for most, it is a day to gather with family over a large dinner meal. And then to begin the shopping for the next festival of Christmas.

We can choose to either celebrate or not to celebrate festivals. But there is tremendous spiritual, social and emotional good to cultivating a mindset of thanksgiving, appreciation and gratitude.

If you’re reading this, most likely you have lots to be thankful for. For starters, you’re still alive. And you have access to the technology to allow you to read this message. And you can read. And if you’re in the Create Your Garden process, you’ve been looking at your life and working toward creating the life you want where you live each day fulfilling an inner purpose.

I’m very grateful for just being clear on my purpose. And to know that the Creator assigned me the role to help others identify their inner gift and bring it into reality in a way that energizes, uplifts and fulfills them. I enjoy working specifically with creatives, entrepreneurs and business people to help them optimize their talent, skills and ideas.

There was a time when I was not clear on what I was specifically to do on the earth. I had an idea, a sixth sense, but I could not articulate my purpose in a defined way. And I know there are others, many others, who still go around life in a circle or in a kind of fog, moving from one day to the next, from one week to the next, from one month and year to the next without examining their direction and destination. And not knowing why they are here on the earth.

If you are still on that search, then I urge you to read the book, Create Your Garden of Eden. If you have started and stopped before completing it, it is never to late to get back on track. All you have to do is start your engines and press the gas.

Regardless of where you are, take a moment to be thankful for where you are, for having got to this point in your life…still alive. And for having connected with a blog, post, or group of others who are moving forward to create their ideal life. And for having the faith and trust to believe and know that there was more to life than you were experiencing.

Besides material blessings, be thankful for your mindset of creativity. Be thankful for hope. Be thankful for those who are supporting you. Be Thankful for the God who gave you life and who has never turned his back on you. Be thankful that tomorrow is another day to keep reaching for your destiny. Be thankful that it is not yet over and you are still in this earth side of the boundary of heaven. And be thankful that you can continue to apply God’s pattern to create a better life for tomorrow than you had yesterday.

Just remain in this mindset of thankfulness. It is a good foundation from which you can move upward.

Keep creating,