Last week I was able to speak with students at my alma mater for a brief session on career planning. I had hoped to walk them through the actual Garden of Eden process, but it was the end of the school term and only an hour was available.

It was great being back in the school that molded me into who I am today. And I was happy to share with the students, who all appeared very appreciative of hearing how I went from a career as a lawyer, a dabble in politics, launching my Liz Mannette steelpan jewelry line and to an author. Everyone was invited to send me an email to get the free ebook, but no takers just yet.

And I finally completed my proposal to launch the book throughout the high schools in Trinidad and Tobago in 2009. This is my intention, and I am beginning to recruit a publicity assistant who can help get sponsors for the project. Look out to hear of the first funder for this project.

Today, I was videotaped for an inflight feature to be broadcast on Caribbean Airlines inflight video during January and February. And I mentioned the book, and that it is available on Amazon. Hopefully, thousands of passengers will hear about it and go to the website.

Often, we have to keep doing what we know must be done, even when we feel a bit despondent or disheartened. But we must be assured that we are moving ahead, and celebrate the small opportunities and the small wins.

Getting on the inflight video of an airline is a big deal. And so I will celebrate this and look forward to further progress in spreading the word about the Create Your Garden of Eden process for creating your ideal life.