I’ve been pondering the method used to create the original Garden of Eden for the last several weeks and months. We read that God said and the created things came into being. It is only on Day 6 in the creation of the masterpiece – the human – that we see God actually ‘doing’ something when he formed man out of the dust of the earth.
But in the earlier days, all is disclosed is that God “said” and then it was.

We are to follow this pattern. As outlined in the Create Your GOE book, we need to think about what we want to create and what we want to see as our end result. Thought – the internal expression – comes first. Thought is focusing your mind on what you want to see visibly and tangibly. Faith in the Creator -that he will help- is the rock solid conviction that it will indeed happen as you see it internally.

But how exactly is it done. How do words generate things? This is the million dollar question, as they say. Words are amazing. We use language to communicate, to give shape to what we see in the mind. One person said that words capture creative energy. I’m not quite clear what that means, but it seems to be on the right track. As we speak the positive creative words, the energy is then released into the natural world.
Everything in the natural world – at a microscopic level – consists of bundles of energy; atoms and molecules, moving around in pathways. What we say and think – it seems – can affect the pathways of these atoms of energy. We then can determine whether things come into being or not, by the words and thoughts.