You may have heard the phrase: Do not miss the forest for the trees. In other words, do not focus so closely on each small individual situation that you miss the bigger picture.

And when I took the first photo shown here some months ago, these words of wisdom came back to me but in our Create Your Garden of Eden theme.

The lesson is: Do not let the focus on your individual  pathway in life prevent you from  seeing that you are protected and well placed in the grand scheme of what God is doing.

Often when you consider the issues of your life, things may look overwhelming or dissatisfying and you may wonder if you matter. Or, you may be working hard at swimming toward your destination, paddling like crazy to keep moving forward.

Regularly, perhaps once a week or once a month, you should step back and take a bigger look at your situation. Try to see your life from God’s viewpoint, which is a very long timeline. And assess.

Like the two ducks which initially seemed to be in the middle of the deep ocean but on a wider view were close to the pier, you may realize you are not actually struggling, but you are doing fairly-well. You may have thought you’re out in the deep, but actually you’re closer to shore with nearby support.

You may see your destination is not as far as you expected. And there is a clear swim lane you can take.

Step back and see life from God’s view. See your country, city, industry or career from His view. Is it  all  crashing or are there opportunities for those who are ready? Are you in the line of fire or the line of promotion and progress? Is it all coming to an end or moving toward a new beginning?

Step back and see the bigger picture and move forward with a new sense of hope, assurance and faith that the God who started you will ensure you complete your journey.