Sometimes it is the unplanned, chance encounter that moves you toward your goals.

Over the last week, I happened to meet two established jewelry designers who were so inspiring to me as I build my jewelry and accessories business. see my blog at for the full details of meeting the famous David Yurman in New York City. And then just sitting in the lobby in a hotel in Toronto, I met an interesting gentleman with whom I may do further business on two projects. And these were not the planned, scheduled meetings that brought me to both these cities.

The Garden of Eden is all about a process and following a plan to create your ideal life. But part of this plan involves recognizing that you are working out God’s design for you. And he is orchestrating circumstances and events to cause his design for your life to occur in his timing.

And this is where the chance meetings take place. You may have a conversation on a train or a bus, happen to pass through a library or hotel, or be in a seminar or club meeting where someone connects you with someone else or you meet another person who is just the person you needed to meet at that time. Some call this the Law of Attraction. In the Garden of Eden process, we call this the Creator’s plan for you working out according to his plan as you partner with him in living your life.

So expect these meetings. Be open to persons around you who may simply open the conversation with a hello. You never know how the Creator’s plan will unfold for you today. Always look for what is good about a meeting, a conversation or an event. And listen to hear his voice and receive his guidance.