As we seek to Create our ideal life, we do the best, with positive expectation that what we envision will come to pass, full of faith that God will enable us and direct our pathway so that we do accomplish what we set out to.

But we do not have all the details of the exact science of how things work. I still read other motivational books, all in the “fulfill your dreams” or “create your ideal life” genre. Because I believe I can learn from others. But every theory or principle is assessed against the Create Your Garden of Eden design and against what the Creator provided as a guide.

One of the books I read, and am now re-reading to digest more completely, deals with the laws of attraction. This philosophy has been promoted as a way of “attracting” what you want into your life. Best sellers like the Secret are based on it.

But the key, as I see it, is to first identify what the Creator intended for you to do on the earth. Why are you here is a central tenet of Creating your GOE. see page 26 where we discuss Begin with the End in Mind. To seek to attract what you want, without first analyzing why you want certain things and what your ultimate purpose is can lead you to “attract” things that may not be consistent with the Creator’s purpose for you. We need to seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance in understanding our history, our identity, who we are, and what our ultimate masterpiece is to be in the earth.

This is the fundamental first step. Once we have done this, then we can move ahead with seeking to have the masterpiece become a reality in our lives.

More on this later.