One thing about my former classmate Barack Obama–he is fulfilling his purpose with determination. Whether or not you support him and his party, his nomination and candidacy is a significant accomplishment for the United States, and the rest of the world.

Now, I was classmate of Obama at Harvard, and one thing I remember about him was that his message even back then was about change. “Education is supposed to change you,” I recall from his speech when we all graduated in 1991.

When I look at his life, his background and his pathway, I see someone who has and is creating a unique life, fulfilling a unique purpose and inspiring millions in the nation. And this inspires me to continue creating my unique path.

And this is what we are all to do, even if we are far removed from the presidency of a major international powerhouse. If you are working in a small rural community classroom, managing a large conglomerate, volunteering in a sports program, developing materials for a special project, writing a book, starting a business, raising your children, or working with seniors–you are to Create Your Garden of Eden.

You have a a significant role to play that can cause tremendous change in the lives of many others. But if you shrink back, hesitate, procrastinate, complain and be timid, nothing may happen. You have your ‘greatness’ to achieve and you have a mark that only you can leave on this earth. So step forward and bring the light and hope to those who need you. This is what you were created to do.