If you knew that the Creator wanted you to know what your future is, how will you live today?

Throughout the ages and around the world, people have gone to great lengths to find out the future. Why do we have this need to know what’s ahead in tomorrow? Why don’t we simply do what we know to be right today and let tomorrow come?

Perhaps it is because we are hard wired (i.e. created like this) to live a life with a clear sense of direction, knowing the outcome of our actions and choices. We are not meant to be ignorant about the future at all. But we seem to have lost the connection with the one who created us and who knows what our future holds. In reality, we have disconnected with the future maker.

But does this mean that God, the Creator and future maker — I like this new title- is not interested to let us know what’s in our future? The core feature of the Create Your Garden of Eden book is that we are meant to create a life that is consistent with His plans and intentions for us. We are supposed to and expected to know what our future.

Now, I am not suggesting that we are to know the finest details of what we will be doing, say at a specific time in three or five years–at 11:00 am in 2015, I will be in this city, with X, doing Y and wearing Z, while…. This will take away the fun and excitement of life.

But the general direction of our life should not be a secret. The path we are taking is leading us somewhere, and we are expected to know this so that we can make decisions that are sound and supportive. And the details will unravel as we move one step at a time.

And we need to be listening and acutely aware of the signs, the tips and the guidance the Creator provides for us. Again, it is not always right in our face, completely obvious. It may be intuition. It may be a sense, an awareness we get when we stop the outward activity and quiet ourselves to really hear the message from the Creator to our spirit. It won’t come in the mail from God; but it may be a letter or correspondence from someone else that resonates with something deep within.

We need to trust these internal traffic signals. We need to look for them. Actively. Ask. What is the Creator saying to me today about my future? You will know when it is Him. And then the next step is: what does this require that I do today, or who must I become for this to occur?

We are not meant to live a meandering life; totally at the mercies of the winds of time and chance. No. We are to interact with our Creator and FutureMaker and walk smartly and confidently in the direction of our destiny.