One of the key teachings we learn from the Creation in the Garden of Eden is that on each day God considered his work and said it was good.

I thought about all this in the evening as I was reflecting on all that occurred during the day; the meetings, the calls, the plans, the progress on certain fronts, the sense of accomplishment, the socializing with friends. And I realized I had a productive day. I actually felt that it was a good day.

So often we can forget to actually look back on what we do or accomplish and give ourselves a pat on the back for a good job, or a good day. We can get caught up in looking forward to the next day and the things in our future and what our end-purpose is and imagine how it will all unfold, and what did not go right or what was left undone etc., that we miss the time at the end of the day to say “it was good.”

Again, as I said in the Create Your Garden of Eden book, if God took the time to evaluate and assess his day and his creative acts, so too should we.

And our evaluation criteria should be “was what I created consistent with God’s standards and his purpose for my life?” When we can say yes, then we can say we have a good day.

And everything does not have to be perfect for it to be a good day.

We should recognize the areas where improvement is needed and where we have some work to do. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself to have a good day. Every day look for the positives, the people you interacted with, the lives you affected, the progress you made. It is a good practice to write down at the end of the day the things that made the day good; your successes and progress steps. This has been proven to uplift your mood and give you a sense of accomplishment which can only be good.

And be aware as you go through the day that you want to make it a good day. So when a situation arises, you can ask yourself whether your response is consistent with making your day a good day.

Remember every day in God’s creation was a good day. And we are made in his image and we are to pattern him. So we need to make every day in our life a good day.