As you start out or continue creating the life you want, how will things be different if your mindset is that the Creator who sent you on this journey to earth did so with a heart of love? You are here to fulfill a purpose and the one who designed and orchestrated your life, has a central nature of love. Let this be the backdrop against which your work through how you Create Your Ideal life to manifest and represent all the Creator has for you.

For one, this will (or should) eliminate any stress, doubt, uncertainty and condemnation that perhaps you cannot really achieve your destiny or become all you were meant to be. Such negative thoughts are incompatible with the love the Creator has for you.

This love is every stronger than the love between a parent and a child. There may be no greater love than what a mother has for a child she has birthed. A child can rest assured that mother is always looking out for her best. And even then, with limited human insight, this may fall short. But not so with the Creator’s love for you.

A fundamental position in the Create Your GOE process is that you have a unique identity. There is no one like you in the entire world or universe. You are one of a kind. And you have been created for a unique purpose that only you, with your combination of personality, skills, perspective and experiences, can accomplish. This is the starting point for the journey.

Add on top of this the mindset that you were created by one who has a heart of love for you. The Creator wants you to succeed on this earth. The Creator is cheering you on. The Creator has invested in you everything you need to accomplish your purpose. And he orchestrates circumstances of your life to cause this purpose to manifest. Your role is to cooperate, seek his guidance and assistance and be assured that his love for you will not allow you to fail, if you trust him and have faith in him. Of course, if you choose to deliberately ignore the guidance and direction and throw yourself under the bus, or go in a tangent when that still small voice inside you is pointing in a certain direction, there will be an undesirable outcome.

We are told that God so loved the world that he gave his best, his only son, to redirect us back to him when we were heading downhill. How much more will the Creator respond to you as you deliberately, earnestly, strategically, passionately and intelligently pursue his ideal path for you. His love cannot ignore his created being, you, the Masterpiece of his creation.

In each step, know that his love can be relied on to steer you in the direction you must go to fulfill his purpose for you in this earth. And so you can take comfort in this, and continue to move from day to day with confidence and expectation of success.