Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ. It is a time of redemption, rebirth and renewal. It is a time for a new start  when we can bring something back from the dead, even better than it was before.

He died so we can be reconciled with God; for us to get back to where we were in the Garden of Eden.  Just as Adam was evicted from the Garden and from God’s presence, Christ came as a new door and entrance back in to that relationship.

Easter then is a time to refocus and align ourselves to who God created us to be and the nature of the relationship we were made to have with him. This relationship is to be one where:

  1. We understand our position, and our role in this earth
  2. We receive our commissioning and our identity from the Creator
  3. We interact with him on a daily, continuous basis. Why? So we can maneuver life according to what he values. Christ said he only did what he saw his Father doing. We, in this time of Easter and rebirth should pattern Christ’s focus, his obedience and his life.

Returning to the GOE state is always our best option. Regardless of if we slip, miss the mark, get derailed, go far off in the wrong direction for our life, or simply anchor at the wrong place –  we can embrace the resurrection of Christ and return to the preferred place in the Creator’s perfect will.

Resurrection came after a deep, dark time in the life of Christ and of his followers. His death by public hanging on a cross  must have been disastrous for them. Yes, we read the gospels but can you imagine living through that time. They all ran and hid because they felt alone, abandoned, crushed. They must have felt like the three years spent with him were all in vain. The days  leading up to Good Friday  must have been a very dark place. Even though he promised them  he would return in 3 days, it seems they all forgot about that as Good Friday approached.

Yes, every dark situation does not have to remain dark. Your darkest  day can end with a resurrection. 

And how does this resurrection start?

The Garden of Eden writing and system is meant to help you return to the place of your creation by God. It is there you will find your identity in God, become clear and focused on the purpose for your life and create a plan to live out that purpose.

Let us rehearse the steps again, which are laid out in the book, the workbook and worksheets.

  1. Assess your current situation.                 What is not right with your life? Given the overwhelming darkness of this pandemic in the earth, there may be many things you will want to eliminate from your life. Identify and list those. Write them down on paper. State clearly what you will eliminate (this represents darkness) and what you need to bring into your life (this is the light).
  2. Identify Available Resources.                  What do you have right now that you can utilize to get you through this season and to implement your action plan. Do you have close friends, parents, an employer, a pastor or advisor? What are your internal assets, such as your personal traits? Are you a creative, a writer or a teacher? Do you reach out and connect with others easily? Are you organized and logical? Where are your connections or power base? Take an inventory of your external and internal resources.
  • Set Your Goal.                What is your single most important goal right now: The  most important thing to focus on? This could be a continuation of what you were working on before the pandemic, or it could be a new variant, an adjustment or modification. Or, this situation may have brought you clarity about what is truly important in your life; perhaps family, friends, community, God, control, safety, etc.. and you are making a 180 degree turn in life.
  • Begin With the End in Mind.      With this goal or goals,  set some hard and ambitious timelines to get things done by working backwards from the completion and attainment of the goal. Establish the things necessary to realize your goal and then make your move.  

The complete Garden of Eden process takes you through a very straightforward six step creation process  to come to your completed Garden of Eden.  Some of the additional steps are: Be clear on your values, create short, medium and long term plans, and understand the seasons of your life/industry.

After going through these steps and creating what you believe is your Garden of Eden in one area, you can apply the process to other areas of life. And then move on to maintaining your focus and remaining in your position of authority and control over your life.