Often when you think of a plan, project or making a change, the big picture can be daunting or overwhelming. There may be hundreds of moving parts, many people to speak with, so many tasks on a To-do list.

However, as a famous person said (not quite sure who) a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. So today, and everyday, resolve to take one step forward.

It is important to keep your end goal in mind, and focus on it regularly to ensure you are heading toward your desired destination. But each day, as you seek to maintain momentum, the concern should be to keep moving forward.

Take one step toward your goal. Do one item on your checklist. Make one phone call. Send one email. Write one page. Sketch one drawing. Review one report. Write one blog post. Take one short walk. Or turn off all external communications for one hour.

If you can move forward toward your desired result one step at a time, one day at a time, eventually you will look around and realize you are way ahead of where you started, and further toward your goal than you realized.

When we look at the creation of the Garden of Eden in Genesis, we see the Creator making progress each day, from Day One to Day Seven. Some days there was more observable progress and results (the land and all the trees and shrubs and vegetation on Day Three, for example) and on other days, there appeared to be less, though clearly as powerful, creation.

So it will be in your journey and progress; some days more, some days less visible progress. The important point is to keep moving forward each day.

And motion does not equal forward movement. There is an element of motion that gets you nowhere, only depleting energy and resources and wasting time. This is where the strategy of having a daily or weekly to-do list is useful. Ensure you are working on one item on your list (s) each day.

Ignore those activities that deplete energy but do not enable you to cross off one item on your list.