The world is still grappling with the upheaval due to the Covid19 pandemic. Most countries are in some state of lockdown. Schools and businesses are trying their best to operate virtually. Many jobs have been lost. And there is a sense of economic uncertainty. 

In the midst of this, a word from God was shared with my local church this past Sunday which so impacted and uplifted me that I am sharing it here on my blog. 

The word came from a sister who transitioned to be with the Lord a few days earlier after an illness. The day before she passed away,  she told her mom  the Lord told her she had come to the end of the tunnel. Everyone thought the illness was over and she would recover soon. Instead, she died the next day.

Now, when this was shared, the church elder understood that while it was said to one member, by extension it was a word for everyone connected with her. And so, he stated – and this is what impacted me –  during this Covid19 pandemic, we are in a tunnel, not a cave.

Being in a tunnel, and not a cave is a very inspiring word because, as you know,  a tunnel is a passage way from a narrow place to a larger, better, brighter place.  There is always the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.  A cave, on the other hand, is a place where you reside, or hide out. It has a sense of permanence.  You can choose to live in a cave – a dark place which gives some protection.  But this is not the word for this time.

And so, regardless of how things appear right now, know that this is not your end. This time we are in is part of a larger timeline and we are moving to a bigger, brighter place.

This is consistent with what we know of how life works in the Garden of Eden philosophy and lifestyle of Day 4. The sun, moon and stars were placed in the heavens on Day 4 to give light to the earth and to chart the seasons and eras.

This means life is about seasons, progress of time, seasons of change and cycles. Nothing stays stagnant. Where you are today is not where you will be in a several weeks, months and years. 

If your present circumstances are not ideal – perhaps you are overcome with the pandemic quarantining –  know that this is a tunnel and you will come out of it eventually. If you are not seeing the light at the end, God has not left you. God has not abandoned you. God is still in control of your life and his plans are unfolding according to his purpose for you.

Here are some steps to help you see the end of the tunnel.

  • Carve out a quiet time to pray and talk to God daily. Be very clear and specific about what you are praying about.  And ask God what is next for you.
  • Listen to the Spirit within you for comfort, guidance and direction.  Write down any scripture verses that come as encouragement. Write down any ideas or thoughts that seem relevant to where you are and where you want to go.
  • Create a clear picture in your mind of the better future that you believe God has planned for you. Keep this picture in your mind and meditate on it. Perhaps create a vision board with photos of this better future.
  • If there are actions to take, be bold and fearless in doing what God has revealed to you as a strategy or plan for His plans to come to pass in your life. These actions may defy logic or your own personal preferences. Always ask God to clarify or confirm in your heart anything that seems a bit unconventional.
  • Continue to believe and pray, staying in faith knowing that God can do what he promised and can do even more, beyond what you think is great. Be always thankful. Remember God, your creator and your father, wants you to have a great life here on earth, trusting Him and expressing his nature to all.

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