So finally the book is in a local bookstore. I have my large book poster in the window, and the Create Your Garden of Eden book is right there.

This is a small bookstore called Chapter One, Page one in Ellerslie Plaza in Trinidad and Tobago and it is owned by the wife of a good friend of mine. So it was fairly easy to get the book in the store. I wonder what I was waiting for all the time.

Sometimes the opportunity we look for is right in front of us. It may not be as big or as grand as we would like, but as a good friend said to me years ago; the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Yes, I aspire to be on the best seller’s list and to be sold at major bookstores around the world and have thousands downloading the book on the site. But you have to start somewhere. And so I am starting small, but the dream remains big within.

So whatever you are aspiring to, get started. Don’t just prayer and ask God for guidance or for open doors. Faith without works is dead. let’s see the works as evidence of your faith. Get moving