Has this economic and financial climate thrown you off your pathway? Were things going well for you, and then suddenly the rug was pulled from under you? Perhaps your retirement savings held in the stockmarket has suddenly dwindled to mere pennies. Or maybe your were laid off or lost your job or circle of clients.

Now is not a very uplifting time for many around the world as the decline in stock markets, and the financial sectors take their toll.

What does it mean for you? If you are unsure of what next to do, or if things seem quite dark and dreary, welcome to the earth that God existed in before he created the earth we know today.

While I do not say that God was faced with uncertainty or disappointments, it is clear that the earth he saw was not the way he wanted or desired it to be. This is the premise in the book that you can embrace to help you Create Your Own Garden of Eden and Change your world.

If you feel down and you need to make a major change in your life, follow God’s pattern. It’s been around for thousands and thousands of years. If it worked for God, then it can certainly work for you.

The book lays out the Seven main steps that mirror the creative work God did on the Seven days of Creation: six days of activity and one day of rest.

Purchase the ebook or visit Amazon to buy the hard copy and start today to take charge of your life by following the process God used.

And do send me your feedback, if after reading you were able to make some changes in your life. I’d love to hear from you at [email protected]