Consider this: You are here on the earth as a unique person with a special combination of ideas, experience, perspectives, outlook, beliefs, background and personality. There truly are no two identical humans on the earth. Each person is absolutely unique.

And each person has a purpose that is unique to him or her. Even if there are two identical twins with similar views and beliefs who both go on to become medical doctors, teachers or designers, each will see the profession in a slightly different way.

This means that there is something only you can do in the way that you can do it. And somewhere, there is someone or some group of people waiting on your unique perspective, insight, passion and persona to show up.

I recall years ago asking a classmate about his law practice during a 20th year law school reunion. His comments have stayed with me, shining a light on a point that fits in with the Garden of Eden process. He said that he often thought about the legal clients he could have helped earlier if only he had more confidence to start out earlier.

This resonated with me because I know there are many who can benefit from the help, work and support of others. But many remain seated instead of stepping up to their purpose.

And what of your tribe, following, supporters, members or team? They are waiting for you to move forward toward fulfilling what your destiny demands.

We have the command to have the dominion over the earth in Day Six. This is to exercise control over the area you have been assigned. This can be in the arts, in the professions, in education, in the home, in music, in entertainment, in technology, in management, in social work, in ministering…in whatever area your calling exists, you need to pursue your purpose because others are waiting on you.

These may be students who need direction, support or coaching to develop their potential. Or young workers or retirees, employees, artists or creatives who will need the company you are to start to move to the next chapter of their lives. There may be health and medical inventions buried deep within you. You may have technology inside you that can change the course of life for someone on the other side of the earth.

Your purpose is unique to you. And the diversity and variety of life on this planet should let you know that God had enough creativity to give everyone a unique purpose. And so there is someone waiting for you to do what you are gifted and graced to do to come into their own purpose.

Can you let yourself imagine and envision the impact you can have if you were to step forward and identify your purpose and begin to live each day powerfully. This is why the Create Your Garden of Eden process was shared. There are so many who can benefit when you put internal doubt, fear, uncertainty and confusion aside and walk toward the light of your purpose. The world needs what you have been created to do.

Keep creating,