Over the last several days here in Trinidad, we have been subject to very heavy and continuous rains. Fortunately, I have been indoors for most of the time, but on looking through my windows at the traffic, the wind and the rain blowing across the Savannah, I see the unfortunate souls who have to walk and wade through the downpour.

Quite a few persons had to seek shelter from the rains because they were not equipped or prepared for the heavy showers. Now this is June and the rains in the tropics start in May and heavy rainfall is always expected around this time. Indeed, even though I did not have an umbrella for several months, as soon as the first clouds of the season appeared, I made a deliberate point to buy one. And I also made a note to keep more “wet weather” shoes handy. (these would be closed toe shoes, as opposed to the open sandals I prefer to wear.)

This is one of the lessons we learn from the Create Your Garden of Eden teachings on Day Four. The sun and the moon were placed in the heavens to chart the seasons.

And as I stated in the book, the seasons are predictable. We know when they will come again. And we are to consider what is necessary for the particular season and plan ahead. For me, it was buying an umbrella in May before the heavy rains came.

As you analyze your life, whether your career, your Ministry unto others, your business, your family or even your physical health, I ask the question. What season are you in right now and what does it require? Or more important, what lies ahead and what should you do now to prepare for the future season?

We are not to live unaware or ignorant of the seasons of our industry. If you don’t know, then research, ask others, find help or ask the Holy Spirit for direction. This is what we are to do if we are to be well-functioning humans on God’s planet–be equipped for the seasons that life will bring us.