Sometimes I fall off my track. Could be the fitness track where I don’t exercise for a week or eat too many carbs at night. Or it could be the business track where I don’t follow up as I should or the spiritual track where I spend too long without reconnecting to God or, like this blog, six weeks and not a post.

These all happen for all sorts of reasons, and I could find justifications and excuses. But you know what I do, I jump right back in. Just start doing again whatever it is I had planned to do on a consistent basis. So I’m now writing a blog post. Or I just went back to church one Sunday, or stopped buying chocolate covered M&Ms every day.

There are times to analyze your actions, decisions and choices and understand the root cause of your procrastination. But then there are times to just get back on track.

So if you find that you were going along well in creating the life you want and then somehow you find yourself stalled or off track, just jump right back in. And start to do whatever it is you know that you ought to do. Start writing to previous clients, start running in the mornings, start reading more, start doing your financials for the startup, start whatever. But don’t just continue to wallow in your inertia and beat yourself up for what you should be doing. As Nike says, Just Do It.