In Creating our Garden of Eden, our ideal life, using God’s pattern, we need to be sensitive to our inner voice, our intuition, also known as a hunch or instinct.

In this GOE Process, we must be tuned in to how we think about ourselves and how we feel when we are going about our life, whether doing certain activities or operating in certain roles. This is essential, specifically, in the Pre-Creation assessment where honesty is the first element. You have to be honest with yourself about what is not right with some aspect of your world – which can be described as the void and darkness we see in Gen 1:2. Once you are honest, then you can begin to focus on what you want and then create the world you wish. If you are not honest with yourself, you will feel a lot of internal disquiet and likely not achieve an outcome that leads to happiness and success.

In addition, throughout the GOE process, such as when you are to identify your values or make plans, your inner voice is what you will use to help come to your right conclusion.

Your inner voice is the true you. It is the you when no one is around. It is what determines your outer or external life.  You are on this creative journey to create an ideal life because you are dissatisfied with what you see in some part of your life. This is the inner voice directing you to a better, to a greater masterpiece. The inner voice knows you are unique with a unique purpose in the earth. S/He wants you to win.

Often you need to sit and converse directly with your inner voice. This can be done through reflecting on your day and what went right and what did not. Many find using a journal to list your successes at the end of the day to be useful. Even as you run or engage in some fitness activity, your inner voice can often be very vocal during this time of a ‘mindless’ activity. For me, early in the morning or in the shower are times for my inner voice to bring clarity and inspiration.

How do we become more sensitive to and trusting of our inner voice? By listening to it and following its lead. And then as we realize following it serves us well, either through protecting us from some harm or preparing us for what lays ahead, we build up our confidence.  This can be in big areas, such as a warning about a person you are thinking of going into business with or lending money to. Or, even more significant, when you get a hunch about a potential romantic date or the route to take on a late night.

And the intuition can also alert you on a smaller scale, such as when you are prompted to take a final look around a room before leaving, and realize you were about to leave an important item behind.

The inner voice is always speaking and as you listen to it more often, you begin to hear it about the ‘noise’ around you; and these days there is much noise around whether from other people, or from society or from the news and a never ending stream of information on social media.

Many do not value this inner voice as much as their analytical mind which looks at facts and weighs the pros and cons objectively. Often, the inner voice is not logical or conventional. We do not need a second opinion to be the same as our logical mind.

When you do take the time to listen to your inner voice, and hear it clearly, acknowledge this, either by saying a “Thank you” or by a silent smile. This will cause you to hear it more often. What gets rewarded or acknowledged, gets strengthened.

As a Christian believer, your inner voice is attuned to the voice of God. So when you get an unction, you really are hearing directives from God. But you have to train your inner voice to hear and know the voice of God.

As you look back over the year (and decade) now ending, do you remember occasions when your intuition was proven right over what others may have advised? Do you recall when you ignored the inner voice resulting in a negative outcome?  Is your inner voice getting stronger through use and attention? Or, is it weaker due to neglect and continuous dismissal?

Take the time to think on these past situations so that you can intentionally learn what your intuition sounds and feels like. And as you learn and focus on the directions of the voice, you will learn to trust your true self more.