I don’t know if you’re like me, but I just realized Christmas is two weeks away! And the end of the year is in 3 weeks! Where did 2009 go? What about the goals, aspirations and plans? There are so many things I have not started, or if started, did not complete or put in the time I planned.

So you know what I do now?

Make a mad dash for the finish line!

Look, if the upcoming end of year is giving me some adrenalin to get things done, so be it. Why deny it? So I am going to up get back on the pathway I set out for the year. I am starting back in the gym with more gusto. Hey, I’m finishing up the business plan, reviving the website redesign, looking for the online bible study course, posting the book publicist project on elance, looking for a software developer to work on a new idea, learning to invest in Forex and creating the Mastermind group for my business and career.

Yes. I’m doing all of these in three weeks. For sure, it is ideal to work at a measured pace throughout the year in creating your ideal life, Your Garden of Eden. But, as we all know, distractions – some good, some bad – suddenly appear, and before we know it, we’re in December.

In Genesis, we see God creating the earth in six days of action. But then in the latter part of the week, he did much more. From Day Four to Day Six, a lot of creative work takes place, building on the foundations laid in the earlier days. It’s not that God suddenly realized the week was almost over and rushed to get in everything. Not at all.

But let’s take a cue. Keep doing what you need to do and if in the last month, you accomplish more than the last three months, just say thank you, pat your self on the back and burst through the finish line of 2009.