I just read the following, which is a quote from Orisen Swett Marden. I had never heard of him, but saw this on a Mike Litman blog, which I read regularly:

“The greatest thing in life is not to make money but to raise
ourselves to our highest power, to call out the hidden
beauties of our nature, and to make ourselves attractive and
helpful instead of repellent and unsympathetic.”

Mike then continues to talk about focus as the single most needed capacity for entrepreneurs. The ability to be laserlike and disciplined cannot be over emphasized.

Just as we see in the Garden of Eden process to create our ideal life, God had an end in mind and worked strategically and deliberately to fashion his world.

As Christians, we know that the Holy Spirit works alongside us to help us maintain our focus when we tend to get distracted. Remember to always ask his guidance; Is what I’m doing now leading me toward the purpose for which I was created and sent to the earth, or is this a distraction? Key question. This can save us from wasting time, and energy and from becoming frustrated or overwhelmed.

I often suffer from the influx of creative ideas, like a swirling sea around me. But I have to step back often and ask myself whether it is the right time or the right action. There must be a yes on both counts for me to move forward.