First of all, know that you still have 6 months left in 2020 and you can make it a GREAT and AMAZING YEAR.

Yes, I know the first half knocked most of us off our seat due to the COVID19 virus and the resulting quarantine and economic slow down.

But, if you are reading this, it means you are still here. And so, you have to keep working on fulfilling Your Purpose and your assignment in the earth.

Remember, 2020 and the external shocks, were not a surprise to God, your Father and Creator. His plan for you was not derailed. He will lead you. Keep in touch with your Trinity Team!

So let us look at how we can make the best of 2020. 

  1. First, we start with the Wheel of Life

What were your goals for each area? No doubt, you may need to adjust these goals.

It’s OK to adjust your initial 2020 Goals. If you knew what was ahead in January and predicted this year, please let us in to your little secret.  

Actually, if you look carefully, you may find that you were guided by God leading up to March 2020.

I, for one, was planning to buy a home.  Initially, I started to look at apartments, and began to think of financing options. I viewed an apartment, but did not feel right about the design or the pricing. So I moved on. Then less than 30 days later, the entire pandemic swept the world. While in self-isolation, I re-assessed the  location and type of home I wanted. Now, I am looking in a different city for. And, an outdoor balcony, patio or garden became a must. So, I needed to adjust my plan.

2. ReFocus and ReSet the Target for Dec31st

Given where you are now, where do you need to be at the end of the year? Perhaps your short term career, business or family goals have changed. That’s fine. This is what you do when you are rerouted, due to an obstacle in your path.

With your Purpose understood and defined, you can make an adjustment and still fulfill what God designed for you.

My personal goals were adjusted after I saw how the small virus disrupted life and caused so much death and anxiety. I decided that what was supposed to be a small move in July became a bolder move later in the year.  Also, I reviewed my book business and decided  building the online community was  a priority. So investment in training and learning was added to the list.

Set a specific and tangible goal for Dec31st. And write it down, either in a journal or on your phone or laptop. We do have the Planner to help you with keeping track of your goals.

Set  a specific Financial Goal, a Career Goal, a Fitness or Health Goal and a Ministry or Community Goal. And determine what resources you will need to meet this goal.

What do you need to add to your list to get to the Dec 31st Goal?

3. Set an Interim Milestone for 3Q, ending September 30

Milestones toward your goal keep you focused and moving in the right direction.  Imagine if there were no markers on your trip and you went off-course for a long detour. Then, you had to turn around and get back to the last familiar point. You lose time, energy, opportunity and perhaps money. The first three can never be replaced.  Money can be replaced, but it may take you longer.

Keep the markers in view. If you look for a marker that is not present, then stop. Perhaps you need to pull to the side of the road. Take your foot off the gas. Look around. Consult your GPS. Evaluate where you are. Are you off track, off on a distraction, following a shiny penny that has nothing to do with your Purpose???  This is why you need regular milestones.

Work backwards from that December31st goal and set an interim milestone for September 30th. Identify what you need to accomplish as a stepping stone toward the goal for  December 31st?

Do you need education, assistance, guidance, or input from others?

List these stepping stones  in your journal or notes app. And set the September 30th Milestone.

4. Create Your Monthly Objectives

Create Monthly Objectives for the next 6 months. These will be smaller and more focused than the quarterly goals and milestones. They are like the white (or yellow) lines in the road. They ensure you are aligned correctly and stay in your lane. Lines help to ensure you are headed in the right direction.

I reset my home goal to the end of 2020.  And so, I set a marker for where I need to be by September 30th. And each month leading up to the December 31st, there are specific objectives to be achieved. I have a House Buying Checklist, a Financial Goal, Realtor To Hire and Properties to View within this 6 month period.  Create a set of simple goals for the areas you need to address in 2020.

5. Weekly Tasks

Weekly tasks are like the pedal to the floor. This is how the car is meant to work to move forward. If you are not putting the pedal to the floor, you will find yourself in the same spot by December 31st and then you may blame Covid19.

List the weekly tasks to accomplish your Dec31st Goal, Your Sept 30th Milestone and your Monthly Objectives.

6. Daily Tactics.

This is the actual driving that moves you forward: You must have your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

What are some of the daily tasks to be done to reach Dec 31st to have a celebration!

Do you need to build your marketing team and email them daily?

Make Social Media Posts daily?

Walk or Exercise for 45 minutes each Day?

Perhaps your daily task is to write your goal every morning and prayer about it. Or, maybe your daily task is to visualize yourself in your new home on Dec 31st.

Whatever you need to do, write it in the journal and each day check it off your list.

It is the regular, daily, step by step progress that move you toward your goals.

My intention here is to keep you moving forward, regardless of what obstacles or hindrances appear.

Write one of your Dec 31  goals in the comments below.

If you are stuck and need help in getting started…Write HELP and I will respond.  We have a Mastermind Group for those who need more direct help.

With God guiding us, 2020 will unfold to be an Amazing Year.