Many people have looked at US President-Elect, Barack Obama, and said he is the man for this time. When you consider the history of race relations in the United States, and the image of the US around the world, and Obama’s amazing support around the globe, he certainly can be considered the right man for the the job of US President in 2008.

But just as this may be Obama’s purpose and destiny, so too each of us has a purpose and a destiny and the pathway may not be easy, clear or fun all the time. Obama did not have a perfect past. We were classmates at Harvard from 1988-1991. Back then he seemed just like everyone else, though a bit more mature and thoughtful than many in our class. But now that we know more about his background, we can all see it was not ideal.

But everything he encountered in his life made him into the man he is today so that he can be ready to lead the greatest democratic country in the world. It is amazing when you think of all the pieces in his life coming together.

And what about your life? Maybe right now you cannot clearly see how all the pieces and shapes fit together. Maybe now, you are at a low point when you do not see any Oval Office kind of light at the end of the tunnel. Well, you can’t give up, and throw in the towel.

Remember in the Garden of Eden process we see night time and day time. Night is the time for reflection – to understand what you are going through and to eliminate what is unnecessary, what is a hindrance and what is detrimental to your fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. A complete day is night time followed by day time. Night will not last forever. You have the assurance that there will be sunlight; illumination, brightness and energy when the night time is past. So keep pushing through and always ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction as you use the night time experience to make your next day even more focused and fruitful for him.

You may have an idea of what your end-product will be. Unlikely when Obama was going through his formative years, he saw himself in the Oval Office. But this is what God intended. You may have an idea, an inkling of what your end-product may be. But since we do not have perfect future sight, we can only see a shadow of the great things God may have ordained for our life. Therefore, do not cut the process short or allow despondency to take over. Keep focused on the end, and the pathway become a bit easier to follow.