Creating the life you want to live should be done at a peaceful, determined pace.

It should not be a frenzied, chaotic rush where you feel you must do this and do that, and build this and build that immediately. Often in life, particularly if you live in a big city, or spend all your time consuming social media, others seem to be moving and overtaking you. But there is no need to rush through life.

Of course, neither should your creation journey be a slow, slothful, crawl where you procrastinate and over-think each step and decision so that after a few months or years, you’ve taken little or no action on your plan or project. This is the other extreme.  We need to find a good, middle ground.

Take your time.

Follow the plan.

Set timelines for making progress.

And chart your progress.

The dominant mindset should be: this is what God has destined for me to do. I am following his process. He is guiding me. And all will be well.

From the depiction of creation in Genesis, we see that God did a bit each day.  In fact, on some days it seems he did very little activity. For instance,  on Day Two all that was done was a dividing line between two realms. The Creator did not rush through creation and do everything in one swoop. No doubt, he could have chosen to do all six steps on one day.  And why didn’t he? We will never know for sure. 

But there is a lesson here for us. Nothing happens all at once. There has to be a deliberate pace to your creation, and the unfolding of your masterpiece.

Each of us will have a different internal pace of productivity and accomplishment. Some are creating GOEs in several different areas of life at the same time. Others are working on one or two.  Regardless of the number of projects or actions, the pace should be feel the same for everyone – measured and peaceful.

You will know what is the right level of creation for you. You will have an inner sense of peace and calm when you are flowing in your creative zone and doing what you have been placed here on the earth to do in your unique way.

Get comfortable with trusting your inner guide and do not seek to rush ahead of the Holy Spirit or be filled with fear and delay. Simply take each day in peace and proceed with a measured pace to fulfill your purpose.