I’ve spent the last few days pondering an insightful phrase I heard recently:  When God saw Darkness, He said “Light.”
This statement – from Dr. Creflo Dollar of World Changers Church in Atlanta – fits right within our Create Your Garden of Eden framework and I felt I had to share this with our readers.
In the first section of the book where we make a few preliminary assessments, we discuss the power of the spoken word.  Words have a creative energy that brings what we speak from the spiritual realm into the natural realm. Nobody quite knows how this really occurs.  In the due course of time we will get clarity .  But we know the effect: What we say, we will see.  And in our first Chapter – Day One – we examined the Creator’s response to the darkness and the void.  The Creator did not speak to the Darkness, as such. He spoke what he wanted to see.

Dr. Dollar’s statement had an immediate impact on me because of the concise and memorable phrase he used.

The Creator saw Darkness, but he did not say “Darkness depart.”  There was no discussion of the negative environment or circumstances. He focused on what he wanted to create and spoke about that.

And this is a fundamental aspect of how we are to progress through our journey of life and creating our Garden of Eden. No doubt there are things in our lives we wish were different; disappointments, miserable circumstances, a sense of failure, chronic conditions and unkind people.  Like  the Creator, we are not to spend hours upon hours talking, analyzing, discussing, reporting, rehashing over and over  and dwelling on these negative circumstances.  In the CreateYourGOE process, we do begin with a precise and clear assessment of the situation. But this is the only focus on what exists. We then identify our ideal outcome – our End Product.  And then we move onto the creative process with a  focus on the End Produce we seek.

We do not speak what we see in front of us. We speak what we desire to see, even when every natural element shouts the opposite. When we see Darkness, we speak Light. When we see poverty or lack, we speak abundance and wealth. When we see unhappiness and depression, we speak joy.

In the Day One chapter in the book, we identify what Light means to us in our particular situation.  I encourage you to do this today. In one area of your life where there is Darkness, determine what is Light for you. And speak this in your daily conversations and to yourself in your quiet moments.  When negative thoughts start to overwhelm, make a conscious determination to focus on the opposite.

The full course and workbook which is available here on this site helps you to work through the process so you can end up in your Garden of Eden and declare.like the Creator, “It is good.”