Regardless of what’s happening in your life, I’m certain you can recall a time or an experience that filled you with hope, where you happy about something you achieved or accomplished. It may be as simple as a time you finished a project on time, when you cooked a really tasty meal, when you made it to the gym each day for the week or when you gave a speech to your club with no sweat. And maybe today is not one of those days for you; you may not feel like a success now. But it is in these times that you need to revisit the successful experience and remember that if you did it before, then you have it within you to succeed again. One of the lessons we learn in the Create Your Garden of Eden process is that the creation of the sun and the moon in Day Four signifies the cycle of time and the seasons of life. This gives us the assurance that life moves in cycles; if we had spring last year, we shall indeed have spring this year. And so, you can know from this, if you had success in one area of your life in a time past, the time will come again for you to have success in that area once again. The seed is within you. Even if you have not baked for decades, with some practice you can once again bake those wonderful cakes and cookies everyone enjoyed. If you wrote regularly and expressed your ideas with ease, you have the talent within you and the time can return when you will do this again. Look at your own successes and inspire yourself by what you were able to do in the past. Keep looking forward and when you wish to step into that place of success, simply reach down inside and step out in faith. The cycle will indeed continue.