Sometimes when you’re creating your ideal life, the framework for your purpose to be expressed, or just following your dream, you need to remain silent and not share too much with others who may not understand what you are doing.

In the original Garden of Eden during the creation process, we see the three aspects of the Godhead; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We do not see any other beings -heavenly creatures that we know (later of course) existed at the time.

God, the creator shared the vision with his co-partners (to use a term that is imperfect). This is quite clear when he said “Let us” when he began to create his masterpiece, the human.

While he may have spoken and the results of his declared word and his actions became visible to all, we do not see conversation, discussion, explanation or negotiation with others.

While you do have to enlist support, be certain that those to whom you turn for advice or even just for a listening ear understand the importance of following the godly principles and the pattern created by the Creator.

Others may seek to discourage or distract. Remain focused on creating your Garden of Eden and, if necessary, remain silent.