Whatever you are seeking to create in your life, here’s something I learned today. Start with your neighbors in your community. If you’re looking to launch a business, publish a book, enlist support for a project, or adopt a hobby, and you need partners, support or just advice, don’t dismiss your neighbors.

Remember a lesson from the creation of the human – man and woman – on Day 6, is that God was concerned about a community from the beginning. His command to them was to be fruitful and multiply. And so, in unfolding your purpose in life, you must consider the aspects of your life that can affect, impact and benefit others. Do not be a loner, but seek to connect with others around you or who may come into your path.

Last evening I visited my neighbor for an after work get to together for a friend. And she told me about a health fair a local church was having the following day. So I went along with her to promote the book and share it with those who came to the fair.

A health fair is all about people looking to take care of their physical bodies, and Create Your Garden of Eden is all about people taking care of their overall life. So I was glad for the chance to share with this audience.

And there I sold a book and met the owners of a local bookstore who will shortly carry my book in their self-help, inspirational niche.

But if i had not ventured into the community, both to celebrate a departure with my neighbor, and then to the church for a health fair, I would not have made these connections.

So start where you are. Yes, you must have the grand plans and dream and think big. But you never know who in your immediate neighborhood can really help you, if you will only ask.

So this week, make a deliberate effort to find out who is in your community; what groups, clubs, projects exist. Talk with the waiter in your restaurant, or the person at the table next to you in the coffee shop. Visit the local bookstore or library and meet the other bibliophiles. You never know where the next stepping stone to your eventual master creation will emerge.

Keep an open mind, a positive attitude and a friendly heart.