A new year is always a time for reflection. As we celebrated the Christmas season, with the focus on giving and spending time with family, and we look forward to a new calendar, it is traditional that we resolve to improve in the new year.

No one makes a New Year’s Resolution to regress. It is always to improve an aspect of your life. It is a time when we know that we can be so much more and we dig down deep to reach more of our potential. Humans are wired to advance and improve. It is in our DNA. Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and subdue it. This was the directive of the Creator. So this is why we are always driven to be more productive, to expand ourselves and our borders and to control our circumstances and our lives more each year.

And this is commendable. While many people may snicker at those who resolve to exercise more, eat more healthily, spend more time with social causes or with family, volunteer time and effort, or simply be more organized, it is consistent with the Creator’s plan for all of us.

As you work towards creating your ideal life, you must be aware of each new year, each new era in your life and determine that you must progress. This is why the Sun and the Moon were created: to chart season and times. (see Day Four: Eras of Time Page 71).

It is important to understand yourself, who you are, who you were created to be in the earth. And to know what season of life you are in, and to strive to improve.

If January 1, causes you to do this, great. Now follow the Create Your Garden of Eden process, through the workbook and keep moving toward your goal. When you have the drive and motivation, give it all you’ve got. Do join the gym. Do call your old friends. Do sign up for the community project. Do start the book. Seek to get the momentum going so that when the slow days start, and the time crunch appears, you will be so far along, and seeing the positive results, that you keep going.

Remember you do have to give a report on your life to the Creator. What are you doing with your new year?