It’s a New Year and almost everyone is making some time of Resolution, goal, plan or commitment because we all want to improve and change and see different results this year in various areas of our lives.

Well, here’s one thought. The results you see in your life are the fruit or outcome of your decisions and choices. If you want to see different fruit, you need to plant different seed to what you have been planting. Everyone can grasp this principle. The fruit always reflect the nature of the seed.

If you want to see different health and fitness results, check the seed that you’re sowing in this area of your life. If you want to see different financial goals, check the seed. If different family, social, world-changing causes, spiritual, ministry or service goals, check the seed.

You can’t continue sowing the same seed as in 2009 and expect different and better results in 2010. We know this is contrary to all physical laws (if you want corn this year, will you still sow beans?) and somehow some believe it will work in the emotional and spiritual worlds.

In the creation of the Earth in Genesis, on Day Three, God created a form of plant life that creates further life and fruit based on the seed within it; (see page 63 of the book, Create Your GOE). Your seeds to the future fruit, results or outcomes are all internal; they are within you. It is this area that requires your attention and focus if you want different results.

Your internal thoughts, beliefs and habits produce the results that you have in your life. Change your thoughts and your beliefs about any area of your life and you will see changed results. And, of course, if you are happy with the results in an area of life, ensure your seeds (internal thoughts, beliefs, values and habits) are carried through into this new year. It is the seed that produces the good results. Secure the seed, change the seed, uproot the seed, genetically modify the seed – do what is necessary for the fruit you want, but focus on the seed.

So if, for example, you have been implementing a system of clean eating and regular exercise because you believe that you have to take care of your physical frame to live the life you want, then continue with that seed into the New year. You can nurture the seed more, ensure it gets the right food and environment (support, education, pushing your training limits, resting, massage, etc) and you will see the results.

But for most, we focus on what we want to change for the new year; the things we did not accomplish yet, the dreams still unfulfilled. So this necessarily requires a change in the seed. If you do not have the social or family connections and relationships you want, look at the seed; your internal thoughts and beliefs about spending time with your family or about finding a new spouse or partner and building a relationship. What habits are your practicing? What values are you supporting in this area? These are what affect the outcome; the seed defines the fruit.

As I state in the book, all you must do is follow the plan and pattern that the Creator provided for us when he created this amazing world we see and you too will have your ideal life; Your Garden of Eden.