Well I have finally started the GOE course for young high school students.

This was not something that I had in my plans for the promotion of the book, to tell the truth. It sort of developed after a few Junior Achievers sent me an email about how the Create Your Garden of Eden book affected them after I gave a speech on the book and offered all of them a free ebook.

Well, I was so touched by the fact that these students felt more empowered to live their dreams that I decided to do a bit more. I offered all members of the JA Trinidad and Tobago class of 2008 the option to communicate with me directly for the rest of the summer, to help then work through the exercises in the workbook.

I’ll post updates on this blog as to how this little exercise is going.

But this is how Creating Your GOE happens. You make your short term, medium term and long term plans. And you open yourself to the Creator to allow his plan for your life to unfold. And then, who knows what doors open.

The JA door opened and I had to make a choice right away. Then when I considered it, I realized it could be the opportunity to begin to refine the GOE process to make it more applicable to young high schools students. And to prove that the GOE process can work for anyone: young or old, rich or poor, smart or not so smart.

So I stepped out and began. This is what you also should do when a similar opportunity appears. If it is consistent with your endpurpose, then go for it.

Keep reading the blog to see how things are progressing.