Today I had one of those stepping stones experiences. As a jewelry designer looking to get large retailers to carry my line, I ventured to attend an open call at the famous Henri Bendel store in New York City. It was an interesting experience that can be viewed on my other website at

But what I took away is that as you create your Garden of Eden and seek to fulfill your purpose in life, you will take certain steps toward your short term, medium term or long term goals. Every step may not appear to be a “success”. Some may be dead ends, failures, negative outcomes, but ultimately all lead to a refining, a sharpening of the vision, an elimination of the unnecessary, and an increased focus on the core reasons for doing what you’re doing.

And always look for the divine voice in the midst of these stepping stones. Is the Holy Spirit speaking here, and directing me in a certain way? Am I being stubborn or timid? Life is all about moving forward and progress. This is why we have the sun and moon which were created on Day Four: for the charting of time and eras. These are so that we can know we have crossed another threshold. And time does not stand still for us.

So each day, keep moving forward on stepping stones to the end purpose. Keep asking guidance from the Creator. Keep positive and know that he is with you to guide you. Remember he created you for a specific purpose. And I firmly believe God is overjoyed when we seek to fulfill this purpose with all we’ve got.