You can start to apply the Create Your GOE process at any point in time, for any area of your life. Even if you were, like me, focusing on developing a business or a career, you can then decide that you want to work on your social or emotional or physical aspects of life.

So, I’m now rereading the entire book to look for new insight into creating the social community life that I desire. And as I move through the steps, I will be sharing what I learn each day about applying the principles to this area.

First of all, in the very first paragraph, on page 1, we see that each day presents new opportunities for the best within us to rise to the surface so that we can experience that abundant, fulfilling life that we desire. But often we may not recognize these opportunities because they come dressed in a way we did not expect.

If we take this perspective – that each day the best within can emerge, then we will see the setbacks, obstacles, pressures and stressors in a different light. They are meant to bring out the best. This will help you choose your response carefully. A response that brings out your lower self, is a wasted experience. And, may just mean you have to walk through a similar experience again in the future to learn the lesson. So resolve to learn your lessons just once, face each day looking for the good that will emerge and expect abundant life and fulfillment to be your result.