God worked on each day. But he did not work into the night to create the amazing earth we see. And of course he worked on six days and rested on the seventh day. From this we can see that the need for rest is built into the foundation of the earth and of life in general.

Over this last weekend, I even had to remind myself about this because I was so aware of all that needed to be done. In fact, I started to write this post at about 12:49am two days ago and realized as I was writing that the lesson was for me. So I stopped immediately.

Why is it that we believe that if we have much to do then we need to do it all, and that rest, relaxation, sleep, etc can suffer? This is not what God intended. We need adequate sleep. We need to spend time with people who are important to us and we need to relax. It is important to step away from those things we believe are so important. And to simply let our minds wander, reflect, digest the day’s events, walk in a park, visit the beach, exercise or get a massage.

Of course God did not need to do all these things. All we know is that at the end of the day he stopped working until the next day. So, we too, must know that there will be tomorrow when we will do what has to be done then. But let us take the time and plan to say “no more work” and commit to giving our physical and mental bodies the time to rejuvenate and be recharged so that we can face another day brightly.