If you read the depiction of the Creation in Genesis, there is no sense of anxiety, uncertainty or doubt. The Creator went from Day 1 to Day 2 in a very measured and certain manner. As I stated in the book, it is all so well-organized that I believe he knew the end even before he started.

Now, consider this for your own life and your own creative process. You must not be anxious about anything. Take a step back or pause if you are unsure. And do not think you have to rush or be hasty to take any action. Anxiety is not part of the Create Your GOE process. If ever you find yourself in a situation and you feel yourself become anxious – usually because things are not going the way you like or at the pace you want – step back and pause.

Remember when we started. We conceived of the end, and developed a plan. We sought the help of the Creator in developing the plan to fulfill his purpose. We expect and believe that if we are going astray, he will guide us back on the right track. We continue to assess each step and each day to ensure what we do is consistent with his values and standards. We ensure each day is good.

So if we started with this momentum, let us not decline into anxiety and wondering how things will turn out, and what will happen in the future. We are creating our life based on the Creator’s pattern. We need to be certain that this process will give us the desired result. And we need to silence any doubts or anxiety as they arise.