Almost everyone on the planet is in some form of quarantine, isolation or looking on, in amazement, at those who are. The Corona Virus is an enemy you do not see or hear until it is already upon you and you then have to overcome it as it enters your body.

When the external world is unraveling and forcing changes in our ordinary schemes of life, such as, how we live, eat, work and socialize, we all have to face a different reality. In this time, we can look at the Garden of Eden process to help us maneuver our way through this Season.

And it is a Season. It is not a permanent change. In Day Four, God created the heavenly lights of the Sun, Moon and the stars. Their purpose is to help us track the movement of time; days, years, seasons and eras. So we know that there are seasons in life. Yes, this is a flu and pandemic. But we know it will not last forever. Viruses have a certain lifespan- until a vaccine is identified or until we develop immunity to its effects or the environment causes it to die.

And what should we do during seasons of life? We are to learn lessons from the current season and prepare and plan for future seasons. Today then, is a good time to determine the valuable lessons or takeaways from this pandemic. season I am certain many are reflecting on the difficulty of getting food, the inability to work and the required social distancing. Others are grappling with the health care overload, inadequate materials and unequal access. There are lessons to be learned in all these elements. Do not fail to take note of what you learn about yourself and your life during this season.

And as we Create Our Garden of Eden, we can also take this time to reflect on how closely we are aligned with our core purpose and following our calling. When you realize how quickly a situation outside of your control can derail your life, it makes sense to be clear on the Big Picture – what you are seeking to do with your life. As the immediate future becomes gray, the clarity of your Big Picture will allow you to remain focused and moving forward. Your day to day may change – and, yes that change may be dramatic and distressing. But your long term direction needs to remain the same.

Once you are clear (again) on the Big Picture, then determine how the next season will impact what you need to do. Will your life change after this corona virus? Have you decided to be closer to family, to really get back to your dream career or to focus on online work? Then clearly think through what you want to accomplish in the next season to move you toward your purpose. And begin now to plan for that next season. Because just as the sun will rise tomorrow morning, we know that this season of the pandemic will end. While you practice the advised protocols and remain centered, begin to think of life beyond the pandemic and do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the present as though it is the end of everything.