Sometimes we need to crucify the old things for the new to emerge.

I was thinking about this on this Good Friday. Just as God chose to have his son die a death by crucifixion so that he could unveil a new relationship with humanity with new privileges, benefits and possibilities, we need to do the same in our own lives.

Crucify old habits and plan for the new and better. Old habits such as poor eating and lack of sufficient exercise. Old habits such as avoidance of crucial business decisions. Old habits such as the flimsy excuses for not interacting with others socially. Old habits like not spending time to understand who God is and what he expects of you.

Crucifixion is a painful way of death. It is slow and painful. And it is visible to all. Similarly, making the necessary changes will not be immediate and without some discomfort. But if you want to live the life God designed for you, if you want to Create Your Garden of Eden, then painful choices are unavoidable.

But look forward to the better life ahead. Look ahead and anticipate being physically healthier and in better shape than you’ve ever been. Look forward to spending meaningful, quality time with friends and family. Envision the excitement of the unfolding of your business dream just as you contemplated. Smile and be happy at the thought that you will come into a closer relationship with God and be in the center of his purpose and plan for your life.

And expect that just as Christ’s resurrection signified power over opposing forces and opened up a new phase of access to God, so too your unfolding of newness can empower you to live to the fullest and open up a whole new world for you.