I’m writing this the week after Michael Jackson died. He was a great entertainer, one cannot get away from that. But as the media and everyone was focused on him, an interesting comment was made by someone (can’t immediately recall who) in his blog post. Apparently, Michael Jackson had said he wanted to be the best or greatest entertainer in the world, or something to that effect. To some extent, MJ may have achieved his goal. If not at the end, then certainly during the Thriller years of the 80s, he was at the top.

The blogger went on to say that, unlike Michael Jackson, so many take their dream to the grave. They do not follow through on what they want to achieve or who they want to become. This is one of the lessons we can take away from this tragic situation.

Search inside to reconnect with your dream, goal, purpose for life. Everyone has a big dream. You were created with one. And each day you must determine that your Big Dream will not go to the grave, but will be expressed and manifested in this life. This is your responsibility to the Creator who gave you the dream.

And know that he has also given to you, and will give to you, all that you require to accomplish that dream. But it will not come to you on a platter. There is work in Creating your Garden of Eden. Just as God had to work to create his earth, so too you have to work to have your ideal life. but be assured, you can do it. He laid out a pattern for you in the creation in Genesis. Follow the steps, and you will achieve what your dream