A few days ago I was speaking to a young lady who was sharing one of her talents and skills with me as we discussed my book on Create Your Garden of Eden.

As I presented on page 28 on the book in the Preliminary Pre-Creation Assessment chapter, the end-product has to represent the unique you. Just as the Creator made Man in his image and likeness, your masterpiece has to reflect you. And as a starting point, the GOE process asks you to identify your talents and skills and recognize that there is something that only you can create in this world.

As my friend identified her talent and what she enjoyed doing, she stated that it could not be converted into anything tangible, like a piece of furniture or an item of jewelry. But I had to point out to her that her skill and talent, which had to do with helping others plan vacations, created intangible benefits, such as peace of mind, relaxation and increased sense of well-being. These intangible benefits are as valuable and needed as tangible items-like the clothing one would take on the vacation, the rental car one would use on the vacation, or the drinks or food to be consumed.

Your end purpose can generate both tangible and intangible benefits. Perhaps you are annoyed at what passes for good customer service these days and you know deep within you that you can present a better option or train others to do better. The benefits to the recipient of excellent service is an intangible sense of worth and appreciation that you can’t grasp with your hand. In fact, for many, the good customer service and help is as important as the tangible material result of a meal.

So, if perhaps you are thinking the same as my friend, dismiss the thought that you cannot create an end-purpose from your talents and skills. Just know that you were created by God, and he knew what he was doing. Before you were born, God had a plan and a purpose for you and endowed you with all necessary to accomplish this purpose. And he will not hide it from you. If you realize that you enjoy talking and motivating others, cheering friends up or being an objective ear for businesses, then don’t fight or ignore the purpose that is rising up. Rather use the GOE process to determine the vessel through which you will express this end-purpose, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you as you seek to fulfill his destiny for your life. And if you need any help or want to share a comment, please do send me an email or post a comment.