When we speak we are broadcasting our inner thoughts, our beliefs and our feelings. This is even when there is no actual microphone to magnify our volume or when we are alone in the dead of night.

Yes, even if alone, at least one person hears our every word whenever we speak. I don’t mean Alexa or Siri, those voice-activated software systems. And I’m not talking about God either. Rather, your words are being picked up and registered on the frequency of your internal heart and mind. You are always speaking to yourself.

Our words are sound waves. And these waves generate responses by the sub atomic particles deep in every cell in our physical being, which are wavelike themselves. Yes, science has conducted experiments, as best as possible, to detect and understand the nature of these responses. It is still not crystal clear. But when you speak, your body, mind and spirit responds. And so we must be careful, deliberate and intentional with the words we speak.

This is why speaking is such a powerful medium to create change. We see this in Genesis. From the first day, when there was darkness and God desired light, he spoke and we were introduced to the method of speaking words to cause change. And so it continued on each day throughout the Creation. “And God Said” is in each verse.

As you go through this process to identify your big or mini purpose in life and create a Masterpiece and an ideal vehicle for this Masterpiece, you are to utilize the speaking phenomenon at every step.

Words are the foundation on which we build our lives: the bedrock of our future. So whatever we wish to see in our future, we must start speaking today in our present. This makes our future completely voice activated.

There are two types of words or speaking we must broadcast to ourselves. First, we must speak words that are consistent with our revealed purpose. We do not speak against what is; We speak to command and bring to reality what does not yet exist. We are to speak the desired outcome on each day of this seven step process. If you are creating a specific end-product or Masterpiece for your health, career, business or finances, speak and call it into existence. Give it a clear name, such as: athlete body, six-figure job, peace beyond my understanding, godly boss, book audience, etc.

Whatever you desire, call it by name. And do this every single day, even multiple times a day. This does not mean you do not have faith. It means you are comfortable with it existing and training your mind to co-exist with the reality of this thing. In fact, increase your faith by becoming excited about your Masterpiece, even before you see it. Become excited about the prospect of a life with your Masterpiece and, remarkably, what you become happy about will turn up in your life.

When we speak, we are activating the creative process that cause things that do not yet exist to come into being.

The second type of words we must speak are words that align with the Creator’s Word. We are following his pattern of creating and we voluntarily choose to be governed by his principles, his standards and his promises. Therefore, we speak words as we see in the scriptures which support our particular focus and purpose. If we are pursuing health and wellness, we find the scriptures which align with this and speak them over our lives and back to God. If we are seeking to create a Masterpiece of love in our relationships, we speak the scriptures about love and family life to ourselves and back to God. There are scriptures relevant to every aspect of life. Allow our internal guide to show us where the applicable scriptures are. And meditate, focus and instill these scriptures into daily life.

What happens when we do this? We become aligned with what God said. And we are connecting with God’s creative power to bring those words to reality in our lives.

Our words are powerful beyond our imagination. And God’s Word is even more powerful. It is beyond our comprehension. Let us combine our words and partner with God in this realm to create the life that he designed for us.