Discover, an ancient Biblical system to Identify Your Unique Purpose and Create a Simple Plan to Fulfill Your Destiny.


Use the system God used when he created the Earth in Genesis.


Now You Can Go from THE VOID – the place of darkness,

to a Beautiful GARDEN OF EDEN


Elizabeth Mannette has broken down this system into  8 simple steps similar to the 7 days in which God created the earth, plus an extra step to get you started.


Written in a direct, easy to understand style, with no religious or pious language or excessive fluff;  including simple exercises so you can get genuine results and create your own unique pathway.


Create Your Garden of Eden:
Change Your World in 7 Days Like God Did 
…..an amazing system that was hidden in plain sight to help you create your ideal life

Elizabeth W. Mannette

JD, Harvard Law School
Former Member of Parliament
Former Diplomat
CEO, Mannette Media Inc
Liz Mannette LLC
Attorney, Author, Speaker and Designer

….. in less than 30 Days you can know what your unique purpose is.

Why I wrote this book

Hi. I’m Elizabeth, the author and creator of the Garden of Eden system. I’m an attorney, designer, serial entrepreneur, writer and speaker. Let me share a bit about my background:


I’m a 1991 Harvard Law School graduate. I started my career as a New York tax lawyer before becoming an energy advisor and negotiator for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. I also served as a Member of Parliament and a diplomat in Washington DC for Trinidad and Tobago.


I had many business and creative ideas, and wanted to be involved in public service and write books. But I had to know my true Purpose before following every idea. Only then could I find happiness and fulfillment. This research took me several years. There were times I felt I was going around in a circle, but I documented everything.


Now, I own a jewelry company, Liz Mannette, and a media business inspired by Caribbean steelpan and steel drums and my family’s 80 year history in this industry.


After, finding this system hidden in the scriptures, and applying it for almost 20 years, I know for certain it works and am sharing it with you so YOU CAN HAVE THE SAME RESULTS, relevant to Your Life and Your Unique Purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this will help me?

This is a Bible-based, God-centered system for you to know your divine purpose. If you are looking to create a life to fulfill what God put you on the planet to do, this is for you.

Is there an audiobook?

An audiobook version is in the works. This will be provided as a free gift to all who buy the ebook now.

Who is this book for?

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Professionals, Young university graduates, Ministers, and church staff, Anyone with something burning on the inside that they need to get out and do.

Where can I contact the author?

You can email me here: [email protected]

Become crystal clear on your Purpose in life

Through a series of questions and exercises you will know why you have been sent to the earth.

Identify your Masterpiece for one or multiple areas of your life

You can focus this GOE process on your career, business or your spiritual, financial or physical areas.

Develop a clear plan to move from where you are to your end goal

Using the same steps that God used, we create a plan to get you to your identified end goal.

Track your progress as you move forward each day

We include tools for you to monitor your progress and you can share with others also on this journey.

Get Started Now to Change Your Life

Chapters Overview

Day 1

Creation of Light

Day 2

Creation of the Dividing Line or Boundary

Day 3

Separation of Water from Land; Creation of Plants

Day 4

Creation of Heavenly Lights and Seasons

Day 5

Creation of Fishes and Birds

Day 6

Creation of Animal Life and the Human Being

Day 7

The Time of Rest

Thoughts to help you with the GardenofEden System

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