“...in your quest to find your
purpose and a pathway to your destiny, you should turn to the one who gave you life— God, the Creator—and pattern the process God used to create abundant life on earth at the beginning of time.”

Elizabeth Mannette

Book Overview

Why aren’t we all living satisfying and energizing lives?  For the most part, it is because we are not following the purpose for which we were created.

Each of us has been sent to the earth for a specific purpose, and until we identify and pursue that purpose, our lives will be empty and unfulfilled. In fact, deep within us, there is recognition of this purpose. This is what drives people across the earth and from all walks of life to continually seek and search for meaning. We all want to identify, understand, and attain the underlying reason for our existence.  The pathway to this discovery is not always easy.

Some spend years meandering through life in a kind of fog, uncertain of how to reach this goal and wondering “How do I know and fulfill my purpose in life?”

In this quest, some look to family, friends, mentors,or life coaches. Others, like me, read numerous personal development and self-help books in an effort to understand themselves and make the most of who they are.

Speaking with advisors and reading motivational books is helpful, but I often found an element of spiritual substance or truth to be missing in most of the books I read. And in fact, many of the people who advise others can hardly discuss their own purpose or destiny in life with confidence and present a clear pathway for others to follow.

For while many aspire to live purposeful lives, few know how to achieve this state. Many go around in circles while chasing this elusive goal of a fulfilled life—a life in which you know intuitively that you are doing what you were made and created to do.

It is often in the later years, after a series of missteps, dead ends, and wrong turns, that some finally find their place of purpose. But even then, they are unable to tell you clearly what systematic steps they took to get there.

If you are on such a search, this book is written for you.

My central theme is that in your quest to find your purpose and a pathway to your destiny, you should turn to the one who gave you life—God the Creator—and pattern the process God used to create abundant life on earth at the beginning of time.

Become crystal clear on your Purpose in life

Through a series of questions and exercises you will know why you have been sent to the earth.

Identify your Masterpiece for one or multiple areas of your life

You can focus this GOE process on your career, business or your spiritual, financial or physical areas.

Develop a clear plan to move from where you are to your end goal

Using the same steps that God used, we create a plan to get you to your identified end goal.

Track your progress as you move forward each day

We include tools for you to monitor your progress and you can share with others also on this journey.

About the Author

Elizabeth Mannette is an attorney, designer, serial entrepreneur and writer.  A Harvard law graduate, she was a New York tax lawyer before becoming an energy advisor and negotiator for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. She served also as a Member of Parliament and a diplomat in Washington DC for Trinidad and Tobago.

Elizabeth owns a creative design studio where she produces  media and entertainment experiences inspired by Caribbean steelpan and steel drums and her family’s 80 year history in this industry. She also owns a jewelry and accessories collection under the name Liz Mannette and  has a nonprofit  focused on music education.

She loves to write, speak and inspire others to develop their inner dreams and become all they were created to be. Elizabeth lives in New York City where she continues to create new layers to her life in her own Garden of Eden.

Chapters Overview

Day 1

Creation of Light

Day 2

Creation of the Dividing Line or Boundary

Day 3

Separation of Water from Land; Creation of Plants

Day 4

Creation of Heavenly Lights and Seasons

Day 5

Creation of Fishes and Birds

Day 6

Creation of Animal Life and the Human Being

Day 7

The Time of Rest

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