In a Tunnel, not a Cave

The world is still grappling with the upheaval due to the Covid19 pandemic. Most countries are in some state of lockdown. Schools and businesses are trying their best to operate virtually. Many jobs have been lost. And there is a sense of economic uncertainty. 

In the midst of this, a word from God was shared with my local church this past Sunday which so impacted and uplifted me that I am sharing it here on my blog. 

The word came from a sister who transitioned to be with the Lord a few days earlier after an illness. The day before she passed away,  she told her mom  the Lord told her she had come to the end of the tunnel. Everyone thought the illness was over and she would recover soon. Instead, she died the next day.

Now, when this was shared, the church elder understood that while it was said to one member, by extension it was a word for everyone connected with her. And so, he stated – and this is what impacted me –  during this Covid19 pandemic, we are in a tunnel, not a cave.

Being in a tunnel, and not a cave is a very inspiring word because, as you know,  a tunnel is a passage way from a narrow place to a larger, better, brighter place.  There is always the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.  A cave, on the other hand, is a place where you reside, or hide out. It has a sense of permanence.  You can choose to live in a cave – a dark place which gives some protection.  But this is not the word for this time.

And so, regardless of how things appear right now, know that this is not your end. This time we are in is part of a larger timeline and we are moving to a bigger, brighter place.

This is consistent with what we know of how life works in the Garden of Eden philosophy and lifestyle of Day 4. The sun, moon and stars were placed in the heavens on Day 4 to give light to the earth and to chart the seasons and eras.

This means life is about seasons, progress of time, seasons of change and cycles. Nothing stays stagnant. Where you are today is not where you will be in a several weeks, months and years. 

If your present circumstances are not ideal – perhaps you are overcome with the pandemic quarantining –  know that this is a tunnel and you will come out of it eventually. If you are not seeing the light at the end, God has not left you. God has not abandoned you. God is still in control of your life and his plans are unfolding according to his purpose for you.

Here are some steps to help you see the end of the tunnel.

  • Carve out a quiet time to pray and talk to God daily. Be very clear and specific about what you are praying about.  And ask God what is next for you.
  • Listen to the Spirit within you for comfort, guidance and direction.  Write down any scripture verses that come as encouragement. Write down any ideas or thoughts that seem relevant to where you are and where you want to go.
  • Create a clear picture in your mind of the better future that you believe God has planned for you. Keep this picture in your mind and meditate on it. Perhaps create a vision board with photos of this better future.
  • If there are actions to take, be bold and fearless in doing what God has revealed to you as a strategy or plan for His plans to come to pass in your life. These actions may defy logic or your own personal preferences. Always ask God to clarify or confirm in your heart anything that seems a bit unconventional.
  • Continue to believe and pray, staying in faith knowing that God can do what he promised and can do even more, beyond what you think is great. Be always thankful. Remember God, your creator and your father, wants you to have a great life here on earth, trusting Him and expressing his nature to all.

If you wish to do a more comprehensive planning exercise to become clear on your big purpose in life, and craft a plan to accomplish this purpose, you may be interested in our Create Your Garden of Eden products, including our ebook, workbook and planner, all of which are available through our website.

Be Unorthodox.

If you want to create your ideal life….think of the end and work backwards.

And, one valuable way to do this is to…..WRITE YOUR OWN OBITUARY!

What is an obituary?


n. pl. obituaries

A published notice of a death, sometimes with a brief biography of the deceased.

We know no one likes to think about death. But death is inevitable and,  if you are a Christian, you are not to fear death but rather to look forward to hearing a “well done” from God.

And if you follow the Garden Of Eden System, you will hear a “Well Done. My Good and Faithful Servant!”

So to help you think through what you believe your Purpose is, and the type of life you want to live as you fulfill this Purpose, you will write your own obituary.

Here are Ten Tips to Creating a Great Obituary that will propel you to creating a great Life.

You can use the Template at the end to compile all these points into an actual funeral program.

1 .  Read the Obituary section of a major newspaper, such as the New York Times, or a local equivalent. Read the list of names and also read some of the longer featured obituaries.

You can also choose to look at the obituary of a famous and well-known figure.

Read how people lived their lives and how the newspaper reported on their deaths.

Look at the varieties of lifestyles, professions, achievements, family members and laudatory remarks. One thing you can be assured of in the obituary section: You will find every single class, race, and category of person included! No one can escape!

Make some notes of what you learn from this reading. Identify some key elements of people’s life. If there is a person who struck you as very interesting, ask yourself why.

2.  Write Out Your Death Notice.

The death notice is the formal announcement of the passing of a person. Think far into the future and write the name and designation you wish to have at that time. You can call yourself Dr, PhD, Mrs, Esq., Bishop or Professor. Remember you are creating your end-story. Make it the end story that YOU WANT!

Add the place and time of your death. Think of where you want to be at the end of your life. Do you wish to be back in your original hometown, or in the city where you are now, or some other location? You get to decide.

Include the cause of your death. Think about how you want to die? Do you want to die at home surrounded by family and friends? Or do you want to die by the beach looking out at the waves? Perhaps you want to be working in your garden or studio. Most people may want to die in their sleep. But there is nothing wrong with a desire to die in a dangerous sport or activity, in a blaze of glory. This is up to you.

At what age will you die? Give yourself your full timeline. Write 102, if you dare. Why not? If I am writing my death notice, I’d give myself as much time on the earth as I wish. And I’d have good health until the end. Who wouldn’t? Remember you are creating an end product to move toward. Move toward something positive and beneficial.

3. List Your Family and Kin.

An obituary usually includes the names of family members. Do you not yet have a spouse of children, but you desire to? Then include them in your list of family members who will be present in your death. 

Create names of nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles if you have to.  

Add friends and more friends that you have now if you wish to have more friends.

4. Add Your Professional Biography

Include the professional accomplishments you will like to have by the time of your death. Where do you want to have worked or what businesses do you want to have owned or been a part of? What do you want on your official resume? What schools do you want to have attended? If you are young, in your 20s or 30s, you will have a lot of opportunity to work in different jobs and careers. Perhaps you wish to own several businesses. Add all these to your bio.

Will you choose to be in academia, church ministry or the military? Research their formats for death notices, if these exist, and incorporate it in your obituary.

5. List Membership Organizations and Charities.

List your groups or associations and include whether you were an officer or had some leadership role. Groups can include: Sports, arts, culture, travel, and book clubs; Alumni associations; community groups such as the Rotary or public speaking groups such as ToastMasters.

Were you involved in specific charities or non-profit organizations? Have you devoted time to hospitals or international programs for youth development? Perhaps you wish to leave a gift to one of these groups and you want this included in your obituary. Yes, let everyone know you are giving a million dollar donation for the wing of a school. Create a great, generous future for yourself.

6. Share Hobbies and interests.

If appropriate, list your hobbies, interests and activities you enjoyed doing as relaxation or recreation. Were you a jazz aficionado or in love with art history? Do you want your friends to know about your collection of orchids? Have you traveled to every continent? Did you cruise every winter? Let these unique interests shine through in your obituary.

7. Describe your personality.

How do you want to be remembered? Did you have a specific outlook on life, or a particular philosophy in life? Do you have something unique that was the theme of your life? Here is where you can remind family and friends of your uniqueness.

Did you spend your life seeking to bring out the creativity of children or were you always organizing social events because you were a social person

Include interesting facts about your life that you want to publicly share. Perhaps there is an aspect of you that no one really knows. At your funeral what will you want to share about this? After a friend died, I found a portfolio of her drawings and poems that I never knew about. I thought what would she have wanted to do with these. If it were in her obituary, perhaps she would have had a poetry reading.

Did you climb Mount Kilmanjaro, publish 5 books, create a nonprofit that solved a humanitarian crisis by the time of your death? Did you die with the entire village at your home? Were you memorialized by an artist? Write it all down. You are creating a picture of your future to help you fulfill your purpose in life.

8. Special Funeral arrangements:

Do you have special arrangements for your funeral? Do you want an altar call, or a celebration in dance? What about your cultural practices? Are there specific designations necessary to respect your tribe or culture? Do you want donations to be made to a specific organizations, perhaps in place of flowers. Add all these to this section.

9. The Repast.

This is the meal after the funeral where friends and family gather to grieve, or to celebrate. What do you wish to be served to celebrate your transition to the next life? Write the details of the food, décor, music, and any other feature of the repast. Add some unique element that reflects your Purpose and who you were at the time of your death?

10.  Special Media and Photos

Do you want to have photos, special songs, and scripture verses? If you were a world traveler, perhaps you’d like a display from your travels. If you wrote books, perhaps have a book display.

Do you want a video or audio to play? What will be on this video and what will you say on the audio? Do you want a specific host or band to perform? Will you leave a personal voice recording of thankfulness or a song.

This is your decision and it will help to drive you toward whatever you choose. My cousin was a music instrument manufacturer and had a memorial concert with performers who bought his instruments over the years. It was an amazing experience and exactly the way he lived his life.

This obituary exercise is to get you to focus on how you want to be at the end of your life. 
With this in hand, you can begin to create the plan to accomplish all the great things you developed.

Now, where do you want to end up?

These things do not happen by chance. They are the result of lives lived well and planned. And you can have such a life. But it has to be planned.

The Garden of Eden Creation system will allow you to create the life you want in a God-centered and Bible based way. This system follows the pattern of the Creator as he created the earth; You will move from The VOID to a beautiful Garden of Eden. And this pattern from the Creator was revealed so that you may become all he envisioned when he created you.

There are many principles, most are more enjoyable than this Obituary technique – such as the PowerTalk, your A Team and the G.O.O.D rating scale. All these are focused on getting you to a place where you can confidently state your God-given Purpose and you develop a Roadmap to execute that Purpose so that you can live a wonderful life.

Now Here is  an Obituary Template

X [name: (include nickname, Jr., Sr., etc.] of [address/city], age [age], died on [date of death] at [ place of death] from [cause of death].

X was born in [place of birth] on [date of birth] to [parents]

X was the wife/husband of [spouse]. They were married on [date of marriage] and had [children].  

X attended [education, military honors, awards, etc.]

X worked at [job] OR retired from [last job]. X began his/her career at [career and professional bio].

X was an avid [interests, hobbies] and a member of [clubs, groups and organizations]

X was a dedicated member [church community.]

Everyone knew X as [personality and special interests]

X is survived by [family and other kin.]

[If this is for an online or live funeral….you can add]: Please enjoy the following: [media, video, performances]

There, you have done something so few people do themselves. 

Write this out. Keep the accomplishments sections in your mind as you build your life. Review it annually to ensure you are moving in the direction of your end goal.

Mid Year Review

First of all, know that you still have 6 months left in 2020 and you can make it a GREAT and AMAZING YEAR.

Yes, I know the first half knocked most of us off our seat due to the COVID19 virus and the resulting quarantine and economic slow down.

But, if you are reading this, it means you are still here. And so, you have to keep working on fulfilling Your Purpose and your assignment in the earth.

Remember, 2020 and the external shocks, were not a surprise to God, your Father and Creator. His plan for you was not derailed. He will lead you. Keep in touch with your Trinity Team!

So let us look at how we can make the best of 2020. 

  1. First, we start with the Wheel of Life

What were your goals for each area? No doubt, you may need to adjust these goals.

It’s OK to adjust your initial 2020 Goals. If you knew what was ahead in January and predicted this year, please let us in to your little secret.  

Actually, if you look carefully, you may find that you were guided by God leading up to March 2020.

I, for one, was planning to buy a home.  Initially, I started to look at apartments, and began to think of financing options. I viewed an apartment, but did not feel right about the design or the pricing. So I moved on. Then less than 30 days later, the entire pandemic swept the world. While in self-isolation, I re-assessed the  location and type of home I wanted. Now, I am looking in a different city for. And, an outdoor balcony, patio or garden became a must. So, I needed to adjust my plan.

2. ReFocus and ReSet the Target for Dec31st

Given where you are now, where do you need to be at the end of the year? Perhaps your short term career, business or family goals have changed. That’s fine. This is what you do when you are rerouted, due to an obstacle in your path.

With your Purpose understood and defined, you can make an adjustment and still fulfill what God designed for you.

My personal goals were adjusted after I saw how the small virus disrupted life and caused so much death and anxiety. I decided that what was supposed to be a small move in July became a bolder move later in the year.  Also, I reviewed my book business and decided  building the online community was  a priority. So investment in training and learning was added to the list.

Set a specific and tangible goal for Dec31st. And write it down, either in a journal or on your phone or laptop. We do have the Planner to help you with keeping track of your goals.

Set  a specific Financial Goal, a Career Goal, a Fitness or Health Goal and a Ministry or Community Goal. And determine what resources you will need to meet this goal.

What do you need to add to your list to get to the Dec 31st Goal?

3. Set an Interim Milestone for 3Q, ending September 30

Milestones toward your goal keep you focused and moving in the right direction.  Imagine if there were no markers on your trip and you went off-course for a long detour. Then, you had to turn around and get back to the last familiar point. You lose time, energy, opportunity and perhaps money. The first three can never be replaced.  Money can be replaced, but it may take you longer.

Keep the markers in view. If you look for a marker that is not present, then stop. Perhaps you need to pull to the side of the road. Take your foot off the gas. Look around. Consult your GPS. Evaluate where you are. Are you off track, off on a distraction, following a shiny penny that has nothing to do with your Purpose???  This is why you need regular milestones.

Work backwards from that December31st goal and set an interim milestone for September 30th. Identify what you need to accomplish as a stepping stone toward the goal for  December 31st?

Do you need education, assistance, guidance, or input from others?

List these stepping stones  in your journal or notes app. And set the September 30th Milestone.

4. Create Your Monthly Objectives

Create Monthly Objectives for the next 6 months. These will be smaller and more focused than the quarterly goals and milestones. They are like the white (or yellow) lines in the road. They ensure you are aligned correctly and stay in your lane. Lines help to ensure you are headed in the right direction.

I reset my home goal to the end of 2020.  And so, I set a marker for where I need to be by September 30th. And each month leading up to the December 31st, there are specific objectives to be achieved. I have a House Buying Checklist, a Financial Goal, Realtor To Hire and Properties to View within this 6 month period.  Create a set of simple goals for the areas you need to address in 2020.

5. Weekly Tasks

Weekly tasks are like the pedal to the floor. This is how the car is meant to work to move forward. If you are not putting the pedal to the floor, you will find yourself in the same spot by December 31st and then you may blame Covid19.

List the weekly tasks to accomplish your Dec31st Goal, Your Sept 30th Milestone and your Monthly Objectives.

6. Daily Tactics.

This is the actual driving that moves you forward: You must have your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

What are some of the daily tasks to be done to reach Dec 31st to have a celebration!

Do you need to build your marketing team and email them daily?

Make Social Media Posts daily?

Walk or Exercise for 45 minutes each Day?

Perhaps your daily task is to write your goal every morning and prayer about it. Or, maybe your daily task is to visualize yourself in your new home on Dec 31st.

Whatever you need to do, write it in the journal and each day check it off your list.

It is the regular, daily, step by step progress that move you toward your goals.

My intention here is to keep you moving forward, regardless of what obstacles or hindrances appear.

Write one of your Dec 31  goals in the comments below.

If you are stuck and need help in getting started…Write HELP and I will respond.  We have a Mastermind Group for those who need more direct help.

With God guiding us, 2020 will unfold to be an Amazing Year.

Hair Follicle 010,012

If my hairdresser knew every single strand of hair on my head, I’d be able to ask her very specific questions. Why do hair follicles, numbers 10,000 to 20,000, on my right side grow more than the others? Why are some different shades of black and brown? Can we grow the short patch at the temples? And, oh so important, what causes some to turn white and look grey and how can we reverse or stop it!

Science tells us you have approximately 100,000 hair follicles on your head. What would knowing each strand of hair mean? It means the hairdresser or barber took the time to learn about her valuable client. And it means her answers will be more precise and targeted to me.

Do you know that God the Creator, the one who formed you,  has numbered every strand of hair on your head? And he knows each number for each hair strand.  More than this, your hair log is not filed away some where in your personal database in heaven. He has this number at his fingertips.

How does this make you feel?

I know I feel valued when someone remembers a small detail about my life or preferences, such as when someone remembers I like my almond milk warm, but my water at room temperature. When someone takes the time to remember details, it means your small personality quirks or idiosyncrasies, those things that make you who you are, have been noted and filed because you are important.

Similarly, you are important to your Creator. He created you and He values you. Even if no one else may care about your situation or what you are facing, He does. And we know this because He knows your down to the details of the number of  the hairs on your head.

He cares about what is happening and where you are. If you are not yet in the ideal job, relationship, career, home, or  health condition, He knows and He does care. 

In our Garden of Eden process, we know the Creator understands your uniqueness because HE CREATED YOU with your unique qualities and giftings. He formed you and He breathed life into you.  And he orchestrates situations in your life to cause you to fulfill His purpose and destiny for your life.

What does this mean to you?

Trust Him.

Trust the Process.

Do not worry.

Do not fear.

 He has all things in control.  

Even if life changes – and what is life but full of change – we know that He has got this. And if our Creator has it under control, then, by definition, He has already accounted for this situation in the life of you, His Masterpiece.

The next time a strand of hair falls to the ground, or you find a bald spot (eeeew, the horror!),  think about the numbers of the hair strands and the Creator who knows which has fallen and which are still intact.

If He has numbered your hair strands which are not the most valuable part of your life, know He has also numbered your days and knows where you need to go. And God  can get you to where you need to be to fulfill the destiny for your life. Trust him.

Easter – a time for refocus.

Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ. It is a time of redemption, rebirth and renewal. It is a time for a new start  when we can bring something back from the dead, even better than it was before.

He died so we can be reconciled with God; for us to get back to where we were in the Garden of Eden.  Just as Adam was evicted from the Garden and from God’s presence, Christ came as a new door and entrance back in to that relationship.

Easter then is a time to refocus and align ourselves to who God created us to be and the nature of the relationship we were made to have with him. This relationship is to be one where:

  1. We understand our position, and our role in this earth
  2. We receive our commissioning and our identity from the Creator
  3. We interact with him on a daily, continuous basis. Why? So we can maneuver life according to what he values. Christ said he only did what he saw his Father doing. We, in this time of Easter and rebirth should pattern Christ’s focus, his obedience and his life.

Returning to the GOE state is always our best option. Regardless of if we slip, miss the mark, get derailed, go far off in the wrong direction for our life, or simply anchor at the wrong place –  we can embrace the resurrection of Christ and return to the preferred place in the Creator’s perfect will.

Resurrection came after a deep, dark time in the life of Christ and of his followers. His death by public hanging on a cross  must have been disastrous for them. Yes, we read the gospels but can you imagine living through that time. They all ran and hid because they felt alone, abandoned, crushed. They must have felt like the three years spent with him were all in vain. The days  leading up to Good Friday  must have been a very dark place. Even though he promised them  he would return in 3 days, it seems they all forgot about that as Good Friday approached.

Yes, every dark situation does not have to remain dark. Your darkest  day can end with a resurrection. 

And how does this resurrection start?

The Garden of Eden writing and system is meant to help you return to the place of your creation by God. It is there you will find your identity in God, become clear and focused on the purpose for your life and create a plan to live out that purpose.

Let us rehearse the steps again, which are laid out in the book, the workbook and worksheets.

  1. Assess your current situation.                 What is not right with your life? Given the overwhelming darkness of this pandemic in the earth, there may be many things you will want to eliminate from your life. Identify and list those. Write them down on paper. State clearly what you will eliminate (this represents darkness) and what you need to bring into your life (this is the light).
  2. Identify Available Resources.                  What do you have right now that you can utilize to get you through this season and to implement your action plan. Do you have close friends, parents, an employer, a pastor or advisor? What are your internal assets, such as your personal traits? Are you a creative, a writer or a teacher? Do you reach out and connect with others easily? Are you organized and logical? Where are your connections or power base? Take an inventory of your external and internal resources.
  • Set Your Goal.                What is your single most important goal right now: The  most important thing to focus on? This could be a continuation of what you were working on before the pandemic, or it could be a new variant, an adjustment or modification. Or, this situation may have brought you clarity about what is truly important in your life; perhaps family, friends, community, God, control, safety, etc.. and you are making a 180 degree turn in life.
  • Begin With the End in Mind.      With this goal or goals,  set some hard and ambitious timelines to get things done by working backwards from the completion and attainment of the goal. Establish the things necessary to realize your goal and then make your move.  

The complete Garden of Eden process takes you through a very straightforward six step creation process  to come to your completed Garden of Eden.  Some of the additional steps are: Be clear on your values, create short, medium and long term plans, and understand the seasons of your life/industry.

After going through these steps and creating what you believe is your Garden of Eden in one area, you can apply the process to other areas of life. And then move on to maintaining your focus and remaining in your position of authority and control over your life.

What comes next?

Almost everyone on the planet is in some form of quarantine, isolation or looking on, in amazement, at those who are. The Corona Virus is an enemy you do not see or hear until it is already upon you and you then have to overcome it as it enters your body.

When the external world is unraveling and forcing changes in our ordinary schemes of life, such as, how we live, eat, work and socialize, we all have to face a different reality. In this time, we can look at the Garden of Eden process to help us maneuver our way through this Season.

And it is a Season. It is not a permanent change. In Day Four, God created the heavenly lights of the Sun, Moon and the stars. Their purpose is to help us track the movement of time; days, years, seasons and eras. So we know that there are seasons in life. Yes, this is a flu and pandemic. But we know it will not last forever. Viruses have a certain lifespan- until a vaccine is identified or until we develop immunity to its effects or the environment causes it to die.

And what should we do during seasons of life? We are to learn lessons from the current season and prepare and plan for future seasons. Today then, is a good time to determine the valuable lessons or takeaways from this pandemic. season I am certain many are reflecting on the difficulty of getting food, the inability to work and the required social distancing. Others are grappling with the health care overload, inadequate materials and unequal access. There are lessons to be learned in all these elements. Do not fail to take note of what you learn about yourself and your life during this season.

And as we Create Our Garden of Eden, we can also take this time to reflect on how closely we are aligned with our core purpose and following our calling. When you realize how quickly a situation outside of your control can derail your life, it makes sense to be clear on the Big Picture – what you are seeking to do with your life. As the immediate future becomes gray, the clarity of your Big Picture will allow you to remain focused and moving forward. Your day to day may change – and, yes that change may be dramatic and distressing. But your long term direction needs to remain the same.

Once you are clear (again) on the Big Picture, then determine how the next season will impact what you need to do. Will your life change after this corona virus? Have you decided to be closer to family, to really get back to your dream career or to focus on online work? Then clearly think through what you want to accomplish in the next season to move you toward your purpose. And begin now to plan for that next season. Because just as the sun will rise tomorrow morning, we know that this season of the pandemic will end. While you practice the advised protocols and remain centered, begin to think of life beyond the pandemic and do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the present as though it is the end of everything.

Who do you thank?

My book was dedicated to one of my mentors, Cutty Joseph.

Cutty died several years ago when he was 84. I always think of him and his words of advice to me throughout the years. He was always saying I should do what I felt God had sent me to the earth to do. And this is why I dedicated the book to him. It was the outcome of his pointed advice.

Cutty had read the first draft and gave me very useful feedback. He was the one who cautioned me that there should be some reference to godly values. Readers should not just go out and create whatever they fancied; they had to be guided by what God would assess as “good” and “very good.” He was right and I modified the manuscript after his comments.

I did not disclose I was dedicating the book to him and so, when it was printed, I presented him with a copy.

He was in his late 70s at that point, and he chuckled and smiled in surprise when he saw his name on the dedication page. He could not believe I had dedicated it to him and he also could not recall that particular piece of advice.
“Did I really say this?” he asked?
“Yes, you did.” I responded. “And you also said ‘stop playing the ass’ but I did not think that was appropriate to include in a Christian book.”

We both had a good laugh that day for that was exactly how he spoke to me.

Cutty was a former politician, Minister of Government, international relations scholar, educator and ambassador. We met as we worked together on a revised vision document for the political party we both supported. He said I was too aggressive in my deadline of the document. He was prepared to take his time. I wanted it all completed in the shortest possible time. This was likely due to our 40-year age difference. His seniority and experience had caused him to be a bit cynical about the purpose and usefulness of the document. I was determined we could make a difference and we had to get cracking now. He was eventually right; and did not hesitate to remind of this when we saw the final destination of the document.

But Cutty pushed me to move forward; up and out of the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago where I was at the time. He reminded me that I was a Harvard law graduate and I could do anything. He encouraged me as a woman and an entrepreneur to carve out my own pathway. He said women in power were on the rise. He told me I could go to Geneva, to Shanghai, to New York, to London. He said the world was my oyster.

I ignored him for most of our early conversations.

But then I returned to his words of advice. When I was making a proposal for a bold career move, I consulted with him. And for this he was encouraging. He gave me his vocal and written support and made a personal recommendation to the decision maker, the Prime Minister at the time.

I think of Cutty ever so often when I am hesitant to make a bold move, when I begin to doubt and question my decisions or when I wonder what could have been.

However, his words are still true. While I can still breathe, my agenda remains the same; just do what I was sent to do. Because, although many years have passed, I still have a lot of value to add in many fields and indeed, the world is still my oyster.

True Freedom

We all aspire to be free where we can live without externally imposed restrictions and limitations. True freedom means different things to different persons. As we implement the steps of the Create Your GOE lifestyle, in essence, we are all embarking on a journey to a place of true freedom.

Let me explain more.

Is freedom the ability to travel around the world without being tied down in one location? For some, this geographic flexibility or nomadic lifestyle means they are not beholden to an employer or a fixed job, home or country. There have no ties and this gives them a sense of being in control of their life; they are free to go where they wish. This makes them feel totally free.

For others, freedom means they can spend their time on the causes and issues that interest them the most, even though they are tied to one location. They have the freedom to use their time as they wish. They may have a full time job or may have retired comfortably so they can now do what they wish with their time; pursue an activity such as gardening, photography or writing. Or, they can spend more time with their grand kids, or traveling, coaching others or volunteering in an organization.

Freedom is all about financial freedom for others. Perhaps their income is from so-called ‘passive’ sources so they do not have to work in a regular 9 -5 job. They earn money from rental property, dividends or interest from stocks and bonds, royalty income or some other form of payout that happens without them lifting a finger of heavy work. They are financially free because their lifestyle is not dependent on their income from a job. This freedom is the goal espoused by many financial advisors, and a good goal it is.

In the Create Your GOE lifestyle, we are focused on identifying your purpose or reason for living, and creating a life that allows you to express this lifestyle through a Masterpiece in your defined Garden of Eden.

True freedom, here, then, is the ability to live a life that allows you to express your God-given purpose so that each day can be branded as “very good.”

When you have identified your special purpose for your life or for an important area that requires attention (health, finances, spiritual, family, etc), you know that you are living for the reason that you are on the earth. This recognition and knowledge frees you to be your true self and live your life in a way that no one else can, because each person is unique.

But it is not enough to have clarity about your Purpose. You need to be moving toward expressing that purpose intentionally each day. And this can not be done in an ad hoc or willy nilly way. You need a system and a process. This is what we see in the original creation of the earth and the first Garden of Eden. The Creator had a process and he was moving forward each day. There was true freedom in going through this process.

When the Masterpiece was completed and placed in the ideal environment, there was also total freedom in his position. This was not because there was no limitation or accountability in the Garden of Eden, because there was. The Creator created the environment that was needed and defined the boundaries for his Masterpiece. And the Masterpiece, man, had a job to do. The Garden of Eden was not a paradise vacation destination. There was an assignment.

What can be as freeing as knowing that you are indeed doing what you were created to do? This is not being tied down, but being free to soar to the heights that are possible with the Creator. And his plans for you are always good and great, and way beyond what we think is possible. So there is no sense of being tethered to a small stake.

Let this be your freedom goal then: creating a life that is uniquely yours, where all your talents and gifts are expressed with a sense of purpose and where you are following a pattern and process specifically aimed at causing your best to emerge. Even if you have an external geographic, financial or time boundary, nothing cannot affect your internal sense of freedom when in this state.

Your voice activated future

When we speak we are broadcasting our inner thoughts, our beliefs and our feelings. This is even when there is no actual microphone to magnify our volume or when we are alone in the dead of night.

Yes, even if alone, at least one person hears our every word whenever we speak. I don’t mean Alexa or Siri, those voice-activated software systems. And I’m not talking about God either. Rather, your words are being picked up and registered on the frequency of your internal heart and mind. You are always speaking to yourself.

Our words are sound waves. And these waves generate responses by the sub atomic particles deep in every cell in our physical being, which are wavelike themselves. Yes, science has conducted experiments, as best as possible, to detect and understand the nature of these responses. It is still not crystal clear. But when you speak, your body, mind and spirit responds. And so we must be careful, deliberate and intentional with the words we speak.

This is why speaking is such a powerful medium to create change. We see this in Genesis. From the first day, when there was darkness and God desired light, he spoke and we were introduced to the method of speaking words to cause change. And so it continued on each day throughout the Creation. “And God Said” is in each verse.

As you go through this process to identify your big or mini purpose in life and create a Masterpiece and an ideal vehicle for this Masterpiece, you are to utilize the speaking phenomenon at every step.

Words are the foundation on which we build our lives: the bedrock of our future. So whatever we wish to see in our future, we must start speaking today in our present. This makes our future completely voice activated.

There are two types of words or speaking we must broadcast to ourselves. First, we must speak words that are consistent with our revealed purpose. We do not speak against what is; We speak to command and bring to reality what does not yet exist. We are to speak the desired outcome on each day of this seven step process. If you are creating a specific end-product or Masterpiece for your health, career, business or finances, speak and call it into existence. Give it a clear name, such as: athlete body, six-figure job, peace beyond my understanding, godly boss, book audience, etc.

Whatever you desire, call it by name. And do this every single day, even multiple times a day. This does not mean you do not have faith. It means you are comfortable with it existing and training your mind to co-exist with the reality of this thing. In fact, increase your faith by becoming excited about your Masterpiece, even before you see it. Become excited about the prospect of a life with your Masterpiece and, remarkably, what you become happy about will turn up in your life.

When we speak, we are activating the creative process that cause things that do not yet exist to come into being.

The second type of words we must speak are words that align with the Creator’s Word. We are following his pattern of creating and we voluntarily choose to be governed by his principles, his standards and his promises. Therefore, we speak words as we see in the scriptures which support our particular focus and purpose. If we are pursuing health and wellness, we find the scriptures which align with this and speak them over our lives and back to God. If we are seeking to create a Masterpiece of love in our relationships, we speak the scriptures about love and family life to ourselves and back to God. There are scriptures relevant to every aspect of life. Allow our internal guide to show us where the applicable scriptures are. And meditate, focus and instill these scriptures into daily life.

What happens when we do this? We become aligned with what God said. And we are connecting with God’s creative power to bring those words to reality in our lives.

Our words are powerful beyond our imagination. And God’s Word is even more powerful. It is beyond our comprehension. Let us combine our words and partner with God in this realm to create the life that he designed for us.

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