Take the Scenic Route

You’re on your way to creating the life that you want to life. Or, perhaps you’re now getting started, thinking about what to do. How you will organize your life, and what you should do this morning (or tonight) to get back on track?

During your day, you often have two or more pathways you can choose. Here’s my advice for today: If all else stays the same, choose the more scenic route. This will lift your spirits, give you a new perspective, and put a positive spin on the rest of the day.

I tried this one morning as I was walking to work. As it was winter, I usually took the shortest, quickest route to get to the office. But then there was another route that was perhaps 5 mins longer. However, this was a nicer route; the streets were cleaner, the stores were fancier, the people seemed a bit less harried, and it was a less crowded because the sidewalk was wider.

I realized I spent less time trying to avoid bumping into the crowds, and actually liked looking into the store windows. This was Fifth Avenue in New York; possibly one of the fanciest streets in New York.

Even though taking Fifth Avenue was a longer route, I felt mentally more stimulated and in a better frame of mind from the wider street and fancier stores. So I resolved to do this as often as I could simply to add some positives to the day.

In creating you ideal life, there will be challenges and even setbacks. Most of these will be connected with your mentality and outlook on situations. One way to overcome these mental challenges is to put yourself in the best frame of mind that you can.

Look for the blessings in the day. Smile and not grimace at situations. And, where possible, take the scenic route. Walk along a nicer street. Detour and drive by the water, or a park. Stop and look at the children in the playground.

If one of these, or some similar action brightens your day, or lifts your spirits, go ahead. Do it as often as you wish. Take the scenic route, feel the warmth flooding your spirit, and you’ve given yourself a 5 minute mental uplift.

Choose to think the positive instead of the Negative

I often wonder why it seems so much easier for some people to focus on the negative than on the positive. If there are five news stories in the headlines, most will be negative. Folks are always keen on sharing their unhappy thoughts and experiences, whether it is about the mundane -traffic, weather, the dog, or about the major global issues of security, the internet or crime. Are we coded to focus on the negative, or has this developed due to our access to 24/7 information from all around the world? I’ll have to do some more research into this; but suffice to say, to create the life we desire, we have to focus on the positive and dismiss the negative. And we have to take deliberate action to maintain this focus. If we look at our model creator, we see absolutely no mention of the negative. The first introduction to the Earth is a description that seems quite dismal, which could give rise to a negative outlook. But there was no mention of anything negative. In fact, immediately, we are introduced to the Creator, he starts to bring the positive out of what appeared negative and bleak. Every dark situation has light within it; you simply have to believe it is there to be revealed, pray and enlist the help of the Holy Spirit, declare the positive outcome you seek and walk confidently with the assurance the light will emerge. This is what we see in the Day One of the Create Your Garden of Eden process. God called the Light forth out of the darkness and the Light appeared. Often to see the Light in the midst of what looks like total darkness requires a deliberate mindset, a determined focus to have Light and a rejection of anything negative that reinforces the darkness. If you are in a job search that seem to be dark without an end in sight, declare that you shall be employed as the “Light” in your situation. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for the direct actions you need to take for the Light to be revealed. Believe and listen carefully and quietly, while focusing on some positive aspect. Perhaps your career choices are being narrowed and unprofitable pursuits are being eliminated. Perhaps you now understand the importance of exercise or the importance of being pleasant to those going through a bad situation. Perhaps you realize that taking care of your family is more important than a fancy company title. These are all positive outcomes to what seems to be total darkness. Choose to think on the positives of the situation, declare and pray for the Light and look forward expectantly to the Light shining. *be sure to use the CreateYourGOE Workbook to develop a workable plan for you to achieve your goals, whether it is to seek a new job or career or pursue some other goal.

where and how do you spend your money?

One way to get a true sense of what’s important to someone is to look at how and where they spend their money.

Last month, I spent a heap of money on…my hair. That’s right. I tried a new look with some extensions. It was very costly and after a 5 hour session I didn’t like how I looked. So I went to a second hairdresser four days after to have it cut in a different style. Still was not happy. So I went to a third hairdresser to have the extensions removed the following week. The removal was a disaster. I went searching online and bought special products. I then took a train to the end of the line followed by a taxi for another 15 minutes to a fourth hair dresser I found online to help remedy the situation. At this point I was then back to square one and found a fifth hairdresser on Facebook who would finally to give me the look I was happy with. Five hairdressers and almost a thousand dollars in a three week period. All for what? A new hairdo that looked very similar to what I had before!

I was a bit upset with myself for this whole scenario. But as I thought of the money, time and effort I put into this pursuit, I realized that it certainly said a lot about what was important to me. And then I thought of other things I had put off doing because I did not want to spend the money, or maybe I had not searched online for a really good resource, or I had not bought the software or book that could really help me excel in an area. So I stopped the excuses.

So you too should take a look at what you’re spending your most money on, or where you are spending your most time and energy. Is it really taking you where you want to go, or is it just a mindless distraction or a plain waste?

If you have identified what is important to you, what you want to achieve and what you believe is God’s purpose for your life, then invest in those things.

If you say that weight loss is a goal, are you really devoting the money, time and energy to achieve that? If you desire to become a musical legend, are you spending time every day practicing or writing, and are you spending money on the resources that will help you along? If your goal is to grow your business are you spending money joining the organizations you need to, or subscribing to publications or even writing online to connect with others? If it is better family relations, are you spending the time and energy to call, write, visit, nurture and communicate with your loved ones?

Stop wasting time and money on things that are not taking you to where you really want to be. And start investing time, money and energy in creating your ideal life; Your very own garden of eden.

Be Open to chance encounters

Sometimes it is the unplanned, chance encounter that moves you toward your goals.

Over the last week, I happened to meet two established jewelry designers who were so inspiring to me as I build my jewelry and accessories business. see my blog at http://blog.lizmannette.com for the full details of meeting the famous David Yurman in New York City. And then just sitting in the lobby in a hotel in Toronto, I met an interesting gentleman with whom I may do further business on two projects. And these were not the planned, scheduled meetings that brought me to both these cities.

The Garden of Eden is all about a process and following a plan to create your ideal life. But part of this plan involves recognizing that you are working out God’s design for you. And he is orchestrating circumstances and events to cause his design for your life to occur in his timing.

And this is where the chance meetings take place. You may have a conversation on a train or a bus, happen to pass through a library or hotel, or be in a seminar or club meeting where someone connects you with someone else or you meet another person who is just the person you needed to meet at that time. Some call this the Law of Attraction. In the Garden of Eden process, we call this the Creator’s plan for you working out according to his plan as you partner with him in living your life.

So expect these meetings. Be open to persons around you who may simply open the conversation with a hello. You never know how the Creator’s plan will unfold for you today. Always look for what is good about a meeting, a conversation or an event. And listen to hear his voice and receive his guidance.

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