You are the


You have a unique purpose and message to the world: a divine destiny.
Now, create the life you need to do what you have been sent to do.
Sometimes life seems dark. Even if you have all the material things you need, you know deep on the inside there is something more for you, something only you can do.
How do you get started?
This book shares a biblical system to help you have a happier, more meaningful life!

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and Start Creating Your Ideal Life

I also felt dissatisfied.
And after years of searching and reading, I found this system hidden in plain sight in Genesis.
You сan identify your core purpose in less than 30 days create a simple life plan
Live each day with the peace that you are fulfilling your unique call and assignment on the earth.

About the Author

Hi. I’m Elizabeth, the author, and creator of the Garden of Eden system. I’m an attorney, designer, serial entrepreneur, writer, and speaker.

Let me share a bit about my background:

I’m a 1991 Harvard Law School graduate. I started my career as a New York tax lawyer before becoming an energy advisor and negotiator for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. I also served as a Member of Parliament and a diplomat in Washington DC for Trinidad and Tobago. I now negotiate energy contracts for large international projects.

I had many business and creative ideas over the years and wanted to be involved in public service and write books. But I had to know my true Purpose before following every idea. Only then could I find happiness and fulfillment. This research took me several years. There were times I felt I was going around in a circle, but I kept moving forward, knowing that there was a specific assignment God had for me.

Elizabeth W. Mannette.

Now, my core focus is developing music and entertainment ventures inspired by Caribbean steelpan and steel drums – my family has an 80-year history as one of the main inventors in this industry.

After finding this planning system hidden in the scriptures, and applying it for almost 20 years, I know for certain it works and is sharing it with you so YOU CAN HAVE THE SAME RESULTS and create a masterpiece relevant to Your Life and Your Unique Purpose.

Blog Posts

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Are you seeing the Bigger Picture?

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Do you feel you missed your bus?

Do you feel you missed your bus?

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Now we can set our goals

Now we can set our goals

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Chapters Overview

Day 1

Creation of Light

Day 2

Creation of the Dividing Line or Boundary

Day 3

Separation of Water from Land; Creation of Plants

Day 4

Creation of Heavenly Lights and Seasons

Day 5

Creation of Fishes and Birds

Day 6

Creation of Animal Life and the Human Being

Day 7

The Time of Rest