Do you sometimes feel like you missed the bus,  like you made a wrong turn in life or got on the wrong train? Who among us has not, at some point in life, asked, “How did I end up here?”

When you are moving forward deliberately toward a goal or destination,  many circumstances may cause you to second guess your choices or lead you down a path of self-doubt.

Perhaps you are not where you expected to be at this point in your career, or with all you have achieved, there is still a nagging though of…am I really on the right path or did I get distracted from my key Purpose in life?

I recall many years ago when I first arrived in New York as a teenager, I was at a main transfer station, Union Square, on my way to my dentist. I knew the train I needed, the station to exit and the building address. However, all the signs said either  “Uptown” or “Downtown.”  I had no idea which way I needed to go to get to my dentist. This was before smartphones and apps. And I was not willing to talk to a stranger. So I phoned  a neighbor (using a payphone, at that) and asked for help. But if I had got on the train headed in the wrong direction, I would be totally off my path.

We need to pay attention to what we are doing and where we are going, and keep following our internal guide. Without a keen sense self-awareness, you can be lost in a desert far away from your purpose and divine assignment. This situation feels worse when others, looking on, believe you have it all and everything’s fine.  But you know you are off the path.

This has happened to me at more than one point in my career. On one occasion, it was a matter of not seeing the results I expected and not feeling fulfilled in a career choice. I hit pause and took some time to evaluate how I got there.

Here is one thought to give you some perspective; One day is like a thousand years with your Creator. And a thousand years is like one day.

Reflecting on the fact that the Creator is not limited by our understanding of time and space brings a sense of calmness as you realize there is time to course-correct.

Most things are not a matter of life and death. Often, you can turn around, get back on track and pick up your assignment. Yes, time may have passed and you may have lost some opportunities, but fear not, everyone gets off path in some area at some time. Those around who may seem to be far ahead of you now…you never know they may feel they are off track in their main purpose, but excelling in some other area.

Nothing, to me, will be as awful, as living a supposedly successful life and missing your true calling and Purpose.  And this is the reason I write and share these thoughts – to help you maintain focus on the key purpose why you are on the earth.

Do not get on a train that is taking you in the wrong direction. Stop. Pause. Course Correct.

Remember: Your few years of a derailed life or career is but a speck of time in the Creator’s timeline. There’s time to get back on track.